B&B Theatres, the nation’s seventh largest exhibitor, as well as number of other theater chains are making Fandango their go-to advance ticket retailer. This ups Fandango’s worldwide screen count from 29K to 32K plus, and when you count their expansion into Latin America, they’re the world’s leading online movie ticketer. In addition, the latest round of chains increases Fandango’s footprint in the Midwest and the South. Already this year to date, Fandango’s ticketing is +28% after 30% growth in 2016 year-over-year.

In addition to B&B, other circuits joining Fandango for the first time are Atlas Cinemas, D’Place Entertainment, Eclipse Theaters, EVO Entertainment Group, Main Street Theatres, Phoenix Theatres Entertainment, Silverspot Cinema and Southeast Cinemas Entertainment.


“We couldn’t be happier about working with B&B Theatres, an important theater chain throughout the Midwest, Southwest and Florida, and other pioneering theater chains to offer their customers our new social and mobile ticketing conveniences and drive more theater attendance,” says Fandango SVP, Head of Commerce Kevin Shepela in a statement.

“As we continue to elevate the moviegoing experience at B&B Theatres, including new luxury seating, adult beverages and even better screens & sound, it made sense for B&B Theatres to also partner with Fandango as part of our upgrades,” says Bobbie Bagby, Vice President of Marketing, B&B Theatres. “For the longest time, our guests have been asking about Fandango as a ticket purchasing option, and we’re thrilled to start working with the Fandango team to offer their multiple conveniences and grow our businesses together.”