Seth Meyers took a Closer Look at House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and whether he is working with President Donald Trump.

Every day it seems like there is some new revelation about the Trump team’s alleged Russian contacts. The Trump team keeps failing to disclose and then giving shifting explanations. Hours before Meyers’ Late Night broadcast, Trump’s son-in-law was the latest to get caught up in the story.

Trump reacted to the pressure over Russian revelations by tweeting that there’s nothing to see here folks, and why isn’t the media looking into Hillary Clinton’s Russian ties.

“You know why Congress isn’t looking into Hillary Clinton? Because every day you are presenting them with a thousand bigger problems,” Meyers said. “If Godzilla is rampaging in the street it’s not the best time to say ‘We need to fix these potholes.’”

Congress is supposed to be investigating obvious questions about Trump team’s alleged Russian ties; the House Intel Committee is chaired by Republican Devin Nunes, “who looks like every guy you don’t remember meeting,” Meyers joked.

He caused a firestorm last week when he held a news conference by himself and claimed mysteriously he had seen evidence that Trump officials were legally surveilled by the government. Then Nunes ran to the White House to tell Trump about it, before he told members of his own committee – or, as one politician described it at the time, he poured gasoline all over himself and lit himself on fire.

Trump took Nunes’ move as proof he was wiretapped by Obama, though some now suspect Nunes got the information from the White House to provide Trump cover for his wiretapped-by-Obama claim. Tuesday, Nunes acknowledged he had seen this information on White House grounds and a GOP source who was briefed on what Nunes saw in all his running around Washington like James Bond, was primarily gossipy talk among diplomats about Trump, including speculation as to where he was having dinner, etc.

Dems who want Nunes off the House Intel Committee, describe this as a bad movie plot.  But Meyers suggested instead casting Steve Carell as a bumbling congressman turned spy in the new comedy Nigh Nunes.