President Donald Trump has “absolutely” no regret about claiming former POTUS Barack Obama wiretapped his Trump Tower office during the campaign. This according to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, holding his first full on-camera briefing in more than a week – and first since Trump’s weekend tweet-nado in which he he made the claim, calling Obama a “bad (or sick) guy.”

“We put out statement Sunday saying we would have no further comment,” Spicer said in response to early questions about the unsubstantiated Obama claim. The White House has asked the Senate and House Intelligence Committees to look into Trump’s “concern” and report back, Spicer added.

Various reporters wondered why Trump wants Congress to spend taxpayer’s money to deliver proof Trump already claimed to have,  Spicer insisted “it’s not a question of new proof or less proof” and that if the White House got involved the press would excoriate the administration for getting involved.

Spicer got asked if the White House considers it appropriate for the president to be able to make declarative statements about a former president committing a crime and then assign congressional committees to “prove it,” Spicer said it is not a question of “prove it.”

Can we count on the president to “cease and desist” using Twitter to make public accusations about which he will not take questions while the investigation is ongoing, one reporter asked. Spicer said he would ask and get back.

Speaking of Twitter, Spicer got asked if Trump would correct his latest inaccurate tweet. On Tuesday morning, Trump inaccurately blamed his predecessor Barack Obama for more than 100 Guantanamo Bay detainees who returned to their terrorist ways following their release:

Trump’s overall stat comports with an intelligence report as to how many released prisoners have returned to the battlefield – and with a Fox & Friends segment broadcast minutes before Trump’s tweet. But only Trump claimed Obama released all 112 prisoners. Obama’s administration released 9 of them; the remaining were released by George W. Bush’s administration.

In other White House Press Briefing news, Spicer got asked whether, as millions of Americans are filing out their tax former, Trump will release his taxes, and is he still under audit on those earlier tax filings. Spicer said Trump still is under audit and that he would follow up on that question.