Ronald McDonald Twitter-spitting on the president’s burger? No one’s tasting that one, as just about everyone without a rubber nose quickly realized that the now-infamous anti-Trump tweet posted under the fast food giant’s corporate name was a phony.

“You are actually a disgusting president and we would love to have @barackobama back, also you have tiny hands,” wrote a hacker or otherwise unauthorized handler of McDonald’s Twitter page this morning (the post later was deleted).

“Clown on clown crime,” tweeted Seth Meyers, clearly smelling a stinker.

Ditto comic George Wallace:

But not everyone thought this was just some clownish hacking. One of the president’s favorite news sources swallowed it whole:

As did conservative former game show host Chuck Woolery, who hinted at some mysterious goings-on:

Documentarian Morgan Spurlock, who once ate so many Big Macs for his Super Size Me that he basically broke his body, weighed in:

McDonald’s made the expected pledge to find the evil-doers:

But that didn’t hold much soda with the conspiracists, as Alex Jones spelled out the mystery that likely intrigued Woolery:

Ike Barinholtz, for one, isn’t biting – at least not into the theories: