UPDATED with video: Seth Meyers asked if the Trump presidency is what they expected. “It’s far worse,” said Mika Brzezinski.

“It’s as bad as it gets,” chimed in Joe Scarborough, noting they’ve known Trump more than a decade “and we never expected it to be quite this bad.”

“We had a good friendship,” he said. Trump recently un-followed them on Facebook. “It was actually the highlight of the month, Scarborough said. “It shows we got in his head,” Brzezinski added.

Meyers wondered what they said that made Trump stop being a Morning Joe viewer. Scarborough explain that people were saying they would have Trump on for high ratings, and he explained, “at the beginning it was sort of an interesting thing, sort of a freak show. But when, as time went on, people knew the act” and he said, You know, Chris Christie and Bernie Sanders actually get higher ratings than Trump does. “He went crazy. Sent me a letter, had a spread sheet. Talked about how his ratings were higher than ours. ”

“We attacked him, said all these horrible things, said he was a racist, a bigot –  it all rolled off his back. The minute we said Chris Christie and Bernie Sanders out-rated him, that was the end.”

“The fact that Republicans are still sucking up to him at this point is kind of pathetic,” Brzezinski said. “The whole thing has turned into lies, and misinformation. Calling the news ‘fake new’, undermining the judiciary, undermining practically every branch of government. I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, there’s right and there’s wrong. And this guy’s wrong.”

Scarborough insisted Trump is more gracious in private than the reality-show president he plays on TV. Which, Meyers noted, is the opposite of most people in show biz who he described as nice on camera but not so much off-camera.