“Something’s coming and I have the feeling that we are going to be very busy,” proclaims Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord in the new trailer that just dropped for the upcoming Season 10 of Doctor Who.

It looks very busy indeed, with the new trailer for the final season for Capaldi and showrunner Steve Moffat going large with the new Pearl Mackie-portrayed companion Bill, Daleks, Matt Lucas’s Nardole, emoji robots and the return of the Tardis boss’ arch-foe Missy, played by Michelle Gomez.

Set to premiere April 15 on BBC America, the latest adventures of the Doctor will be followed by the stateside debut of spinoff Class. The Patrick Ness-created young-adult drama about the students from London’s Coal Hill Academy first aired in the UK on October 22 last year.

In The Loop star Capaldi took over as the 12th Doctor in the 2013 Christmas special and announced his departure from the franchises in January.

No word on who the new Who will be, but we will likely find out in the 2017 Christmas special – as has been the tradition over the past few regenerations.