“Dogs and cats living together — mass hysteria!” Remember Bill Murray’s statement of incredulity from Ghostbusters? Well, loosen your collars, fans of the four-legged, because Animal Planet in attempting a sort of interspecies intervention this year.

Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy and dog trainer Zoe Stathis-Sandor will try to keep the fur from flying in Cat Meets Dog (wt), in which they hope to establish harmony in households where kitties and canines don’t get along. The pet experts also will educate each other on their preferred species and try to convince the other of his or her favorite animal’s ultimate superiority.

Galaxy, whose My Cat From Hell is getting a new season on the network starting next month, and Stathis-Sandor will combine their skills and expertise to help those in desperate need, including a couple who are ready to live happily ever after but can’t because their pets are fighting like — well, cats and dogs. The experts also step in when a dog and cat rivalry turns one family’s home into a war zone, and they counsel roommates who might have to move because one mean kitty is playing cat and mouse with a cute pup.

The series hails from Magical Elves, whose Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, Casey Kriley and Rebecca Hertz serve as executive producers. Dawn Sinsel is the EP for Animal Planet.