White House press office official Boris Epshteyn is leaving his post at the White House, reports The New York Times. Epshteyn had been known for his tumultuous relationship with TV producers and argumentative style on television.

A senior administration official told the Times that officials were “exploring other opportunities” for Epshteyn. Meanwhile, White House press secretary Sean Spicer would not comment on the reason as to why Epshteyn was let go.

In the past, Epshteyn was frequently seen on cable news promoting Donald Trump during the presidential election, for which he was an advisor. He was also director of communications for Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee.

A recent report for Politico also stated that Epshteyn got into a yelling match with Fox News after they pressed him for details about Trump cracking down on immigration from Muslim-majority countries.

Neither Epshteyn or Trump have tweeted or stated anything about the matter.