As Warner Bros made a case to the exhibition industry about how they have to embrace new opportunities, here’s Amazon, known for its streaming service, reminding theater owners at CinemaCon that they hold the theater windows sacred.

Following Amazon VP Jason Ropell and Bob Berney’s drumbeat for exhibition, The Big Sick co-screenwriter and star Kumail Nanjiani said that after his comedy rallied at Sundance, “We went with Amazon because of their commitment to the movie theater experience,” before joking, “And we literally get everything else from Amazon, so why not a distribution deal?”

Deadline broke the exclusive that Big Sick was snapped up by Amazon for $12 million out of the fest. Lionsgate is releasing.

Amazon Studios

Nanjiani co-write the movie with his wife Emily Gordon, and it’s about the first year of their cross-cultural relationship and she fell and survived a coma. In the movie, Zoe Kazan plays Gordon.

Earlier during their luncheon, Ropell gave examples of how long Amazon’s product has been running on the big screen: Two-time Oscar winner Manchester By The Sea is going into its 19th weekend, Cafe Society played for 12 weeks, and The Handmaiden legged to 18 weekends.

Nanjiani and Gordon had the room in stitches today.

“It’s the best movie by a Pakistani comedian and a girl in coma that is coming out this year. It stars me and was produced by Judd Apatow. There’s one that will be slightly better, but we got there first,” joked the Silicon Valley star. 

“Emily isn’t in a coma [at the end]. She’s a walking-and-talking spoiler alert. It’s a family film, but we say f*ck a few times. It’s Judd Apatow and he has a quota to meet.”

The Big Sick opens June 23.