Disney’s Beauty And The Beast continued its box office momentum into Monday where it made an estimated $13.7 million, the second-best Monday in March after last year’s Batman V. Superman which grossed $15M. Through four days, the Bill Condon-directed musical stands at $188.45M.

Even though Beauty And The Beast‘s dollar figure is lower, it’s arguably more impressive than BvS. Here’s why: A year ago, the DC movie was playing to an Easter Monday crowd with 45% of all schools off. Beauty is playing in a marketplace that’s even more limited, with only 11% K-12 and 15% colleges were off per ComScore, and still the Emma Watson movie did 91% of the same businessBvS did. Beauty‘s Monday B.O. figure also speaks to how its brand runs deep with adults.

Beauty‘s Monday was off 72% from its Sunday of $48.26M. A year ago, Batman V. Superman dropped 55% on Monday after making $33.79M on Sunday.

Disney will send out their official Monday estimates later this morning.