In season six of American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare, Emmy-winner Sarah Paulson had the opportunity to reprise one of her AHS characters: an older version of Lana Winters, the investigative journalist, who is imprisoned during season 2’s Asylum.  

When asked tonight at the Paley Fest panel for the FX series what other AHS personalities she’d like to play again, Paulson teased, “Cordelia Foxx, because I would like to see her getting her powers as the Supreme. Maybe we’ll get to see that.” Foxx was the Supreme witch and the headmistress at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies in season 3 American Horror Story: Coven. Even though Cordelia’s dominating mother Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) insisted she was the Supreme witch, we learned by the end, it was really Cordelia.

In addition tonight, Denis O’Hare shared with fans that he’d like to portray his Murder House alter ego again, Larry Harvey, the haunted house’s former owner. “I’d like to see him get out of jail, he’s probably been organizing musicals there,” said O’Hare.

Both actors’ yearning to reprise roles from previous AHS seasons may be more than mere wishes. Already American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that future seasons of the show will be interwoven with previous seasons, meaning the entire FX series takes place in big universe. Murphy has already mentioned that he’d like to revisit Coven, either in a crossover episode with season one’s Murder House setting or with Lady Gaga’s season six Roanoke witch; Murphy has said in interviews that she’s the original Supreme. However the chances of landing Gaga for season 7 are uncertain given her work on Warner Bros. A Star Is Born.

Typically there’s big reveals coming out of the AHS Paley Fest panels about the show’s next season, but Murphy was a no-show this year, and EPs Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear remained silent with much of the session’s chatter relegated to the secrecy and on-set production hijinks during Roanoke. Other castmembers in person tonight at AHS included Kathy Bates, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Cheyenne Jackson and Adina Porter. While we know Paulson and Evan Peters are returning, it was never revealed if everyone on stage is coming back for season 7. Typically those who show up at Paley Fest have secured parts in subsequent seasons.

In terms of what is already out there on AHS season 7, we know it will begin with the recent presidential election we just weathered between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The first episode of the season will take place on election night, and deal with the shocking fallout when Trump upset Clinton. Both characters will have smaller background roles. No word yet on who Peters and Paulson will play,  but Murphy has clarified in the press that the latter isn’t playing Clinton.