The Best Picture snafu wasn’t the only mistake during the 89th Academy Awards. During the Sunday ceremony’s In Memoriam segment, a photo of still-alive producer Jan Chapman was used instead of deceased costume designer Janet Patterson. Now, days after the mixup, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has apologized for the error.

“We sincerely apologize to producer Jan Chapman, whose photo was mistakenly used in the Oscars In Memoriam tribute for her colleague and dear friend, the late Janet Patterson,” the statement posted on Instagram read. The Academy added that it also extends apologizes to the Patterson family and updated its In Memoriam video and gallery on its website.

Patterson was a four-time Oscar-nominated costume designer who died October 21. Close friends with Chapman, they worked together on the 1993 film The Piano, for which they both received Academy Award nominations in their respective fieldsPatterson’s credits included The Portrait of a Lady, Star Bright, Peter Pan, Oscar and Lucinda, among others.