Repeating a scene that’s been unfolding with some frequency since the end of her run for the White House, Hillary Clinton appeared last night at (not in, but one can dream) a Broadway show. Following prior cameos at Tony winners The Color Purple and The Humans, Clinton, husband Bill in tow, last night took in the a cappella musical In Transit, at Circle In The Square, where they were greeted with raucous applause and chants of “Hill-a-ree! Hill-a-ree!”

Set in a mythical New York City subway station, In Transit features a cross-section of daily passengers and one percussive accompanist as they start or end their days waiting for the train and singing their hearts out in multiple harmonies. The show has been struggling at the box office, though the Clintons’ appearance may give the turnstile, or box office, a welcome bump.

From the other side of the aisle, then-Vice President elect Mike Pence graciously braved a hostile audience at Hamilton in November. No Donald Trump sightings on the Main Stem since taking office, but of course he’s already a star.