The Weinstein Company is snagging the English language remake rights to the hit Italian com Perfetti Sconociuti, which translates to Perfect Strangers — a film that was released last year in the country and won a number of top film awards. It also was a local-language success when it was released last year.

The film is about seven lifelong friends — three married couples and a divorcee — and at a dinner they play a game. To prove how well they know each other, they all agree to put their phones on the table and reveal each and every text message or phone call that is received during the evening. As everyone’s secrets are unveiled and we are reminded that we all have three lives: a public, one private and one secret and the seven friends find themselves perfect strangers to each other.

The original was produced by Medusa Film S.P.A and directed by Paolo Genovese, who also wrote the script along with Rolando Ravello, Paolo Costella, Filippo Bologna and Paola Mammini.

The remake is being produced by Gianni Nunnari and TWC will bring on more producers. Fabrizio Lombardo, who brought the project to TWC will executive produce along with Rick Yorn. TWC is not only helping to develop the script, but it also has worldwide distribution rights for the adaptation.

The film won two David Di Donatello Awards, one for Best Picture and one for Best Screenplay, and a total of nine nominations, including Best Director, Best Actress, and two for Best Actor. It also screened at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival where it won the Best Screenplay prize in the International Narrative Competition section.

The deal for the project was negotiated by David Glasser and Sarah Sobel for TWC with Antonio Bernardini and Faruk Alatan for Medusa.