Add Tribune Media to the group of TV station owners reporting potential proceeds from the FCC’s airwave spectrum auction. The company says it expects to see $190 million later this year after wireless broadband providers buy spectrum that station owners agreed to relinquish.

The amount reflects the FCC’s acceptance “of one or more bids placed by Tribune Media or channel
share partners of television stations owned or operated by Tribune Media,” it says.

It adds, though, that the additional revenue won’t “produce any material change in operations or results for the Company.”

Still, $190 million is a bigger number than the $168 million that Wells Fargo Securities’ Marci Ryvicker anticipated — and a bit of a surprise considering that stations are likely to collect far less than she forecast.

“We don’t exactly know why this is, but we’ll gladly take it,” she says.

Earlier today Fox said it should see $350 million from the spectrum auction, while Gray Television said yesterday it expects to see $90.8 million.

The FCC told TV stations this week that they can start to talk openly about their expected take from the agency’s airwave spectrum auction now that their role in the process is complete.