Cohen Media Group Acquires YA Pitch ‘Girl At Sea’; Teen Sails Around The World

EXCLUSIVE: Cohen Media Group has purchased the young-adult pitch Girl at Sea from screenwriter Joel Silverman. The pitch is an adaptation of the YA bestseller Maiden Voyage, the memoir written by Tania Aebi about a history-making event. As a troubled New York City teen in the mid-1980s, Aebi channeled her struggle to find herself into an impulsive decision to sail around the world with only her cat. The result was a harrowing and exhilarating journey, with an enduring tropical love story, all of which she vicariously shares with the gravely ill mother she had never been able to understand or embrace until this journey.

Silverman, repped by Original Artists’ Jordan Bayer and Chris Sablan, previously sold YA adaptation scripts Anatomy of a Misfit to Paramount and Liberty to Fox 2000.

The deal was made by Cohen Media Group chairman/CEO Charles Cohen, after senior production veep Erica Steinberg brought in the project. They will produce the film. Aebi, who authored the 1989 Simon and Schuster book along with Bernadette Brennan, was represented by ICM Partners.