Amid its continued craze at the domestic and international box office, M Night Shyamalan’s Split has crossed $200M global. The milestone for the James McAvoy-starrer came with Wednesday grosses. Domestically, the psychological thriller has taken $126.3M and overseas has banked $74.1M. The worldwide total stands at $200.4M.

Split marks Universal’s second collaboration with Shyamalan and Blumhouse Productions following 2015’s breakout hit The Visit, reinvigorating the Sixth Sense director’s outreach. Split is Shyamalan’s 6th picture to cross the $200M thrreshold, and Blumhouse’s second highest grossing title ever behind Paranormal Activity 3.

This past weekend, it increased by 5% on the former frame. McAvoy’s bald head and its dozens of personalities are playing particularly well in Germany, the UK and Australia.

The film opened in France, Belgium and Korea this week, and there are 14 more territories to open over the next few months