Steve Bannon is President Donald Trump’s closest adviser. So close that he lobbied for last month’s executive order to be called the Travel Bannon. OK, that’s an alternative fact. But this isn’t: Rosie O’Donnell has changed her Twitter profile pic to a shot of her dressed as and looking quite like the administration’s chief strategist. And she used it today to call the commander in chief a name commonly overheard on 1970s junior high campuses:

O’Donnell new look is riffing, of course, on Melissa McCarthy’s much-buzzed impression/dissection of Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live last week. In fact, the former The View co-host told NBC News this week that she’d like to portray Bannon on the Peacock’s late-night stalwart.: ‘If asked, of course I would,” she said.

O’Donnell, who hosted SNL twice in the mid-’90s, would seem a natural for the gig. Along with the rather uncanny resemblance when made up as Bannon, she’s certainly no fan of his boss — the man who, among many disses over the years, humiliated her during the first GOP debate in 2015. Trump surprisingly didn’t tweet about McCarthy’s Spicer skit but is said to be unhappy that his press secretary was portrayed by … a woman.

The question arises: How would Bannon — and Trump — react should O’Donnell spoof the adviser on SNL? Couldn’t be much worse that being depicted as the grinning Grim Reaper, right?


Take a gander at O’Donnell as Bannon and tell us what you think. And who might play other Trump administration players in the future?