Lena Dunham cut quite a swath across the broadcast TV infotainment landscape today in service of promoting the final season return of HBO’s Girls this Sunday.

Lena Dunham Halloween
Lena Dunham

On ABC’s The View, Joy Behar asked her to talk about her Halloween costume. “I was a Grabbed Vagina,” Dunham explained to the studio audience, adding, “I was told there is a word you can’t say here on The View – but I can say the anatomical term.”

“I felt I would like to take back some of the power from Donald Trump’s horrifying admission of sexual assault and dress myself as an Assaulted Vagina and that I did,” she added. The reference, of course, is to the 2005 Access Hollywood tape that WaPo released during the election, in which then Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump boasted to Billy Bush about the merits of fame as pertains to women: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything, grab them by the pussy. You can do anything,”

The View producers maybe gave her that note after seeing her appearance earlier today on NBC’s Today show, in which she had rendered Maria Shriver nearly speechless when Shriver gushed about the final season’s  first few episodes. Dunham responded by asking the niece of JFK, RFK and Ted Kennedy if she had noticed the penis in Episode 1. Or, as NBC News describes the on-air incident, “Dunham flustered Shriver with a reference to a part of male anatomy.” Anyway, Shriver explained to Dunham that she had not been raised to use such language:

Dunham seems drawn to discussing “a part of male anatomy,” as NBC News would say, when she’s doing an interview with female members of political families, though with Hillary Clinton she opted for the euphemism “stuff.”  Still, one more and we’ve got a trend: