It’s not just an American sensation.  La La Land is dancing its way to $300M worldwide, a figure that will come close to eclipsing the global ticket sales of Oscar best picture winner Chicago ($306.8M), the Miramax title responsible for rebooting the feature-length musical 15 years ago. With $250M in the till, La La Land has outstripped the global grosses of such cinematic musicals as Into the Woods ($213M), Hairspray ($202.5M), Moulin Rouge ($179.2M) and Dreamgirls ($154.9M).

The flash mob-like outdoor musical number (see it above) features the La La Land songbook and was part of the promotion leading up to the pic’s Hong Kong Jan. 26 release. To date, the territory has generated close to $2M for the original Hollywood musical. The video was presented by Panorama Corp., organized by promo partner Golden Scene, directed by Leo Lai and stars Marc Ngan and Ling Tse. La La Land happens in China on Feb. 14.

Tonight, here in the U.S., La La Land director Damien Chazelle is up for his first Directors Guild Award. Last weekend, La La Land took home the PGA’s top feature award.