3rd UPDATE, 3:53 PM: A trio of judges from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments by phone about President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Tuesday afternoon. More than a dozen states including New York, California, Illinois and Virginia have filed briefs in support of case from Washington state and Minnesota. “Although the residents, institutions, industries, and economies of the amici States differ, all stand to face the concrete, immediate, and irreparable harms caused by the Executive Order,” said the joint brief filed today by those states and the District of Columbia. The hearing date follows this afternoon’s brief filed by the Justice Department, which seeks to reinstate the travel ban because, it says, only the president has the power to set federal immigration and national security policy.

2nd UPDATE, Sunday morning: The 9th U.S. circuit appeals court in San Francisco has ruled against the Justice Department’s Saturday-night request for immediate reinstatement of Donald Trump’s travel ban. The court ruling said, in part, “Appellants’ request for an immediate administrative stay pending full consideration of the emergency motion for a stay pending appeal is denied.” Legal skirmishes will continue this week, with a Justice Department response to the ban’s challengers expected Monday.

UPDATED, 7 PM: President Trump said tonight he is confident he will prevail in the government’s appeal of the court ruling blocking his immigration order. “We’ll win,” he replied as he and the first lady arrived for the Red Cross gala ball at Mar-a-Lago. “For the safety of the country, we’ll win.”

PREVIOUSLY, 6:49 PM: The U.S. Justice Department has filed a notice of its intention to appeal the ruling of the federal judge who blocked President Trump’s immigration restrictive travel enforcement, which limited the travel to the U.S. from seven countries which majority Muslim populations.

The news comes after the Department of Homeland Security said they would comply with the U.S. District Judge James Robart ‘s ruling and suspended all actions pertaining to the president’s travel ban order, accepting the visas of people arriving from the seven countries named in Trump’s executive order.

President Trump slammed the judge in a series of tweets that spanned throughout the day. In his latest, he accused the judge of opening the country “to potential terrorist and others that do not have our best interest at heart. Bad people with are very happy.”