HBO late-night host John Oliver stopped by Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to promote his return this weekend to Last Week Tonight. Off the air since mid November, he said he’s been happy to be out of the political conversation.

Until Inauguration Day, Oliver explained, “nothing was really happening, it was like being tied to a train track and watching the train coming.”

“And then, of course, Inauguration Day was the train hitting you, and you thinking ‘Yep that pretty much was how I thought it was going to feel’.”

They agreed Trump’ Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is “a terrifying individual.”  Oliver also noted what a “special day it is” what with Betsy DeVos being confirmed as Trump’s Secretary of Education. “Here’s the thing, children. I actually think she might and should serve as inspiration to school kids in America,” Oliver snarked. “Because she shows they could be Secretary of Education one day. In fact, not one day, but now….they are about as qualified.”

Before going on hiatus, Oliver had warned viewers not to accept Donald Trump as “the new normal.”

“I think people are still feeling viscerally repelled by things,” he said a couple months later. “The problem arises when you get punch drunk, when the you hear of Betsy DeVos’ confirmation and go ‘Well, that’s the way the world is now’…It’s easy to be angry on adrenaline, but it is much, much harder when you’re tired. And this is going to be exhausting.”