UPDATE with video: John Oliver’s HBO program Last Week Tonight will begin running ads Monday morning on Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC in the Washington D.C. market, that are directed at exactly one viewer – President Donald Trump. The ads, Oliver explained Sunday night in his show’s season debut, are intended to educate POTUS on subjects about which he has shown himself to be ignorant.

The ads are booked on Monday’s Morning Joe, Fox & Friends, and New Day programs Trump is known to watch regularly  between 8:30-9 AM ET, in D.C.

The ad buy, Oliver explained, is “one small way we wanted to try to sneak some useful facts into his media diet,” Trump being a voracious consumer of morning cable-news shows. “We’ve actually created a series of commercials in an attempt to bring him up to speed on some information he may lack.”

The first ad will explain to Trump what is the country’s nuclear triad – a subject that seemed to baffle Trump the candidate during one of the campaign debates.

The announcement capped Oliver’s first Last Week Tonight since before Trump’s inauguration. For the season debut, Oliver focused on our new president’s creative moulding of  truth, explaining, “Trump’s relationship with the truth is going to be of profound importance going forward.”

‘How did we get a pathological liar in the White House,” Oliver asked. After he was sworn in as POTUS, Trump exaggerated the size of the crowd, and even about the weather, saying god had forbidden it to rain during his inaugural address. “It did rain while he was speaking,” Oliver said.

“That is where we are currently at: a President standing in the rain and saying it was a sunny day.”

Oliver listed some of Trump’s “well-documented 40-year history of bullsh*t”:

“He lied about being invited on this show, about the ratings for Celebrity Apprentice. He pretended to be his own publicist. Even his building, Trump Tower, is not as big as he says it is.”

But, while those lies are “almost charming,” it was far less charming, Oliver said, “when he started lying about [Obama’s] birth certificate.”