In his first original show since President Donald Trump declared the press the enemy of the American people, Jimmy Fallon unveiled Trump News Network – the only news network that is 112% factual – in which Tonight Show Trump will “talk about big things in the world of things.”

Lead story: “Another crazy week for Donald Trump. I shot four under par, my best golf score yet…but fake media would not report it.”

In other news: “Sweden is still reeling from Friday’s incident. Details are still unclear but we’re getting word it was definitely real and 100% not made up.”

Tonight Show Trump also noted H.R. McMaster had accepted his offer to become next National Security Advisor.

‘Normally, when I’m talking to HR it is because of one of my female employees is threatening to sue,”  Tonight Show Trump said. From here on out, however, it stands for Huge Ratings.

“Nextly, in Sportsly, a new study finds that golf totally counts as work.”