Yesterday we reported that the Super Bowl LI spot for Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 made a lot of noise on Twitter during the game.

Film Title: The Fate of the Furious

However, social media monitor RelishMix waits a bit after the Big Game — 24 hours to be exact — and measures all the action emanating from those movie trailers dropped on Sunday. And the one trailer that many are still watching across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube is Universal’s The Fate of the Furiouswhich saw a social media universe surge of 42.27M yesterday.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer Super Bowl

But Uni wasn’t the only studio getting the biggest bang for its buck. Remember, 30-second spots were going for an estimated $5M. Disney/Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 saw a 34.7M spike in its social media universe after airing its pregame spot, followed by Paramount’s second-quarter airing of Transformers: The Last Knight at 28.4M and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales during the first quarter, which saw a 27.65M pop in its SMU the day after.

Regardless of rank, all those figures are jawdropping next to the 24-hour volume of social chatter that ensued for the movie trailers airing during last year’s Super Bowl: Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War only pulled in 13.2M more followers across all social channels, while Jason Bourne clocked another 12.4M.

So, why is this year’s trailer traffic so huge?

One word: Facebook. RelishMix observes that the social media portal — even if a studio buys ads on it– has a laser-sharp capability to zero in on a film’s target audience. In fact, more studios are beginning to drop their trailers first on Facebook before YouTube. The two most-viewed trailers on Facebook were Fate of the Furious at 28M views and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with 20M. Juxtapose that with their YouTube views: Fate earned 1.36M and GOGv2 drew 2.8M views to date.

“This year, we see the studios using Facebook video placement and cross-promotion bigger than ever,” RelishMix reports. “And with No. 8 in the franchise, Fate of the Furious shows a domino effect powered by the most social cast of all with 494M reach on FB, IG and TW and a total of 1.4 billion for the entire franchise with all feeds.”
Fast and the Furious is not only the top movie franchise with the biggest SMU, per RelishMix, but the series is only one of four that have hit that rare-air mark of a billion. Ranked behind Fast and the Furious is Batman v. Superman (1.27B), Despicable Me (1.19B) and The Avengers (1.02B).
Below is RelishMix’s chart for those films that experienced the biggest uptick in their social media growth post Super Bowl: