El Nacional, the Dominican newspaper that used a photo Friday of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump – instead of the actual president – has tweeted an apology that might bug Real Trump even more. The “clarification” features side-by-side pictures of Baldwin and Trump, looking, well, similar.

“El Nacional apologizes to the readers and to all those who felt affected by the publication,” reads an English translation of the newspaper’s apology.

The original mix-up happened Friday, when the Dominican Republic newspaper ran a photo of Baldwin next to one of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The newspaper said in its apology that the AP photo of Baldwin “happened unnoticed” by the paper’s staff.

Via Twitter

Roughly translated, the apology notes that Baldwin plays Trump on SNL, and that the photo was distributed by the Associated Press properly identified but incorrectly used by the newspaper staff.

Nacional then asked readers to excuse the mistake.

“Actor Baldwin imitates President Trump on the Saturday Night Live weekly show on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), one of the most important in the United States.”

The timing for NBC’s Saturday Night Live couldn’t be better if it were planned: Baldwin returns as host tonight for a record-breaking 17th time.