The first time you meet Doctor Who, says his new companion Bill (played by series newcomer Pearl Mackie) in this new trailer for the BBC America series return, you think he’s funny. Second time, amazing. And the third time? “He’s the most dangerous man in the universe.”

If that doesn’t hook Who fans, the ghostly smoke-monsterish faces in this new promo for the April 15 season 10 premiere of Doctor Who should do the trick. “I’m having the time of my life,” says Mackie’s Bill in voiceover, “and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Even if it kills me.”

BBC America via YouTube

The clip features Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, Mackie’s Bill and Matt Lucas’s assistant Nardole slow-mo’ing down an exploding library hallway when the ghost faces come calling (watch the clip above, and check out our freeze-frame of the spooks at left).

The April 15 season premiere kicks off Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor, and will be immediately followed by the series premiere of Class, the high-school set spin-off written by Patrick Ness (A Monster Calls), with Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin executive producing.

Doctor Who, a BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC One and a BBC America co-production, returns Saturday April 15 at 9/8C pm, with Class following at 10/9c.

And here’s a previously released trailer introducing Mackie to the series, just for some pre-show catch-up: