The movie that launched Dev Patel to U.S. audiences, 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire, went on to collect eight Oscars. But Patel personally has landed his first nomination this year in the Supporting Actor category for The Weinstein Co.’s Lion. Last Sunday, he took home the BAFTA for his turn in the Garth Davis movie. Lion has racked up six nominations and $70.8 million at the global box office.


In this edition of The Actor’s Side, Patel talks about the road that brought him to this point: His first professional acting gig anywhere as a regular on the hit British series Skins 10 years ago, his experience with Shakespeare that brought him a Best Actor prize in school before that, and how director Danny Boyle’s daughter (who loved Skins) played a key role in getting him his first film role in Slumdog. Patel also touches on working with Dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench in the Exotic Marigold Hotel series, and of course the whole experience of playing the real life Saroo in Lion — including the eight months he spent getting that Australian accent just right. We start by talking about just what was going through his head when his name was called last Sunday in his home town of London as winner of Best Supporting Actor at the BAFTAs.

Check out our interview above.