Conan O’Brien is in Mexico City filming his primetime special, Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico. Taking advantage of being in the country and in the Televisa headquarters, the Conan host filmed a guest appearance on the telenovela Mi adorable maldición.

O’Brien’s role is that of Joseph Robinson, a businessman looking to export dairy products to the U.S. The host shared scenes with the telenovela’s two leads, Renata Notni and Pablo Lyle.

Conan O Brien Mi Adorable Maldicion

“It was a dream come true,” O’Brien told Hoy, a Mexican morning TV program, in an interview shared Monday. “I love telenovelas. In the U.S. I watch the ones in Spanish. I love them. I wanted to be in one, and they let me turn into this mysterious man that sells cheese.”

Producer Ignacio Sada added that working with O’BRien was “very fun” and that he had the opportunity to improvise certain scenes. “I think he did a great job. Super fun. He impressed many people,” Sada said.

Conan Without Borders is an hourlong special that will feature Diego Luna and former Mexico President Vicente Fox as special guests. The show will premiere at 10 PM Wednesday, March 1 on TBS. O’Brien previously stated that he wanted to make the trip down to Mexico because of the current state of the U.S.-Mexico relationship. The show will have an all-Mexican staff, crew and studio audience.