Conan O’Brien is taking his talents to Houston for the Super Bowl. Well, “talents” is not exactly the operative word here because we’re talking about his video game prowess. Conan has done a special Clueless Gamer: Super Bowl Edition in which O’Brien faces off with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — “both icons from Massachusetts [who have] risen to the very top of our professions,” as O’Brien notes — in a bloody game of For Honor.

But the marquee matchup is Brady against the Atlanta Falcons’ star defensive end Dwight Freeney, his opponent in Sunday’s Big Game. O’Brien, of course, kibitzes as the two gridders square off — spins moves and all.

Clueless Gamer Super Bowl Edition Tom Brady Conan O'Brien

Also aboard is “sideline reporter” Erin Andrews, who fires off a typical O’Brien-deprecating line. And there’s a funny pregame bit about lauded-‘n’-loathed Patriots coach Bill Belichick that draws a rare bleepable utterance from Mr. Bündchen.

Speaking of Brady, this certainly is his best press performance of the week. And before he attempts to win a record-tying fifth Super Bowl, he demonstrates, among other things, why he and President Donald Trump are pals. Some character traits in common.

So grab a yard of beer, some chicken wings and/or Doritos with several-layer dip and enjoy the faux game action above.