As President Donald Trump was boasting to CPAC attendees about the border wall he insists Mexico will pay for, Conan O’Brien released a video clip of his show’s upcoming “Made in Mexico” episode in which he holds a Border Wall Pledge Drive to collect some of that cash.

“He would like Mexico to pay for it. Would you like to make a donation?” Conan asks a passer-by.  She says she would rather put love into the slot in the money box.

“Would you like to donate to the wall?” Conan asks a guy sporting a Mercedes hat and an Adidas jacket, explaining that a 500 pesos donation gets him his name on a brick in the wall, and a 1K pesos donation gets him an “I paid for the wall” tote bag and a signed “Moochas Gracias” photo of Trump.

Conan hugs a grandma before holding up his donation box. She wags an emphatic finger to suggest she is not in perfect harmony with Trump’s plan.

And old man, asked to donate, tries to insert his middle finger through the donation slot, to send to Trump.

Conan announced in January he was heading back to the eye of a political storm for his next road trip. The announcement came just hours after the president of Mexico canceled plans to meet Tuesday with newly sworn in President Trump after Trump signed an executive order expediting construction of the wall, and again insisted Mexico is going to pay for it. Conan Without Borders: Made In Mexico will premiere on March 1.

Conan has inserted himself into some significant political stories, making headlines in February 2015 when he and a small crew became the first American late-night show to film in Cuba since the U.S. embargo on that country began in 1962. Conan followed that road trip with a visit to South (and, very briefly, North) Korea, to Qatar with then-First Lady Michelle Obama, and to Armenia. In December, TBS aired Conan Without Borders: Berlin, in which he visited a refugee center.