Despite dismissing CNN as “fake news,” President Donald Trump watches the cable news network all the time, its primetime star Anderson Cooper assured Late Night host Seth Meyers. “He has texted about people I’m interviewing, while I’m interviewing them,” Cooper said.

“He watches me on CNN more than my mom watches me on CNN.”

Having Trump in the White House has not changed how he covers the office, Cooper insisted. “It’s not as if Obama was the most welcoming to media,” he said. According to Cooper, President Obama stopped talking to him after he did a report on the BP oil.

“I used to interview him a fair amount” until that report, Cooper explained. After it aired,  he did not get another Obama interview until shortly before he left office.

Presidents should hate the press, though maybe not to this level, Meyers said, of Trump.

“Our job to ask tough questions, to be fair,” Cooper agreed.