UPDATE with complete winners: In what might be one of the most bizarre endings to any awards show in Hollywood history, Moonlight was crowned with the Best Picture Oscar. But it took a while, as presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway actually pronounced the favorite La La Land the winner, with the resulting confusion creating chaos both on the stage and in the crowd as it became clear something had gone horribly wrong. Up until then, what the Oscar producers producers had promised to be a stripped-down show had gone off swimmingly, with host Jimmy Kimmel keeping the action going (much to the chagrin of foil Matt Damon.

Here’s how our live blog went down including the play-by-play as everything went off the rails:


Anita Busch February 26, 20175:01 pm

Tonight, if three African Americans win in the acting categories, history will be made. In previous years there haven’t been more than two win in one show. The last time was in 2007 when Forest Whitaker won Best Actor for King of Scotland and Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls.

Dominic Patten February 26, 20175:03 pm

This could be the first year in a while that the Best Feature winner at the Indie Spirits Awards is not the Best Picture victory at the Oscars. If Moonlight takes the big prize, the streak continues but if it is La La Land, which was ineligible for the Spirit Awards because it had a budget over $20 million …the run is broken. Last year’s Best Feature winner, Spotlight, went on to snag the Best Picture award as did 2015 and 2014 Spirit winners Birdman and 12 Years A Slave.

Anita Busch February 26, 20175:08 pm

Damien Chazelle, the now 32 year-old writer and director of tonight’s Oscar Best Picture front-runner La La Land, would tie as the youngest director to win the Best Director trophy. The last 32 year old to win was 86 years ago — Norman Taurog for the film Skippy in 1931.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:09 pm

Jimmy Kimmel will set the tone for the awards show and how they’ll handle the overly political speeches that might turn off big parts of the country who are not part of the liberal elite bubble. Nick Kroll and John Mulaney set a brilliant tone for all of this at yesterday’s Spirit Awards, which is held in a giant tent on the beach in Santa Monica. Mulaney said that if the attendees leaned any more left, the tent would topple and fall into the Pacific Ocean. Mulaney also said that of the two sociopathic real estate scions, that Robert Durst was more likeable than Donald Trump. 

Dominic Patten February 26, 20175:10 pm

Tonight is Jimmy Kimmel’s first time in the often-treacherous Oscar host waters. If the ABC late-night host’s stellar performance fronting the Emmys for the second time back in September were any indication, we’re in for a fun ride. Take a look at our review of those Emmys here.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:11 pm

Oscarcast producers Mike De Luca and Jennifer Todd vowed that each winner gets 45 seconds, with the clock starting when they leave their chair to head to the stage. Given the volatility in the air, the musicians in the orchestra pit will probably get a lot of action tonight.  

Dominic Patten February 26, 20175:15 pm

Big promise –

Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:21 pm

Such a sad day for good people passing. Our former Variety colleague Amy Dawes passed away this weekend, at age 56. Aside from Variety, she wrote for Emmy Magazine, Rolling Stone, LA Times and Indiewire. Our condolences. 

Anita Busch February 26, 20175:22 pm

I’m glad Mel Gibson shaved. It’s nice to see his face again.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:27 pm

Anita, when I interviewed Mel for Hacksaw Ridge after Venice, he had that long white beard he wore for The Professor and the Madman, the movie he made with Sean Penn. He twirled it nervously, tugging at it so much that all I could think of was Uma Thurman’s martial arts mentor played by Pai Mei in Kill Bill.  

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20175:27 pm

(Courtesy The Weinstein Company)

Dominic Patten February 26, 20175:27 pm

Donald Trump is sure to be mentioned a lot tonight but POTUS swears he won’t be watching. The ex-Celebrity Apprentice host is having a dinner for 46 Governors at the White House right now but the press pool couldn’t resist adding just now at the end of their latest report: “Somewhere else, the Academy Awards were going on…” Almost, DC, almost

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20175:30 pm

Mel Gibson, before

(Courtesy Shutterstock)

Dominic Patten February 26, 20175:30 pm

What are you serving at your Oscars party? Inside the Dolby Theatre, our Pete Hammond says they are handing out bags of potato chips to the nominees and other A-listers

Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:32 pm

The Oscar producers promised no song and dance numbers beyond the nominated songs, and they also promised to move the show along. What better way to do that than making one of those songs the Oscar opening number? It’s Can’t Stop the Feeling with Justin Timberlake, the most downloaded song of the year. 

Anita Busch February 26, 20175:34 pm

Yeah, great way to start the show. Jackie Chan is even rockin’ it.

scottshilstone February 26, 20175:34 pm

JT warm up from earlier for tonight’s big opening:

Dominic Patten February 26, 20175:35 pm

Timberlake’s Trolls tune debuted at #1 last May and was the most downloaded song of 2016

Anita Busch February 26, 20175:37 pm

And here comes the politics … 225 countries who hate us … even Sweden has been wondering what is up with us. If everyone starts talking about Trump, people where I grew up in the Midwest are going to turn off the show.

Anita Busch February 26, 20175:39 pm

Great joke … the year that black people saved NASA and white people saved jazz …

Anita Busch February 26, 20175:42 pm

Isabelle Huppert has been winning awards since the 1970s for her acting. She is also the former Jury President at Cannes for the year 2009 and has twice won Best Actress at Cannes. She has been nominated for the French Cesar Awards about 15 times. She is nominated for Best Actress tonight.

Anita Busch February 26, 20175:43 pm

20th Oscar nomination for Meryl Streep. Wow.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:44 pm

the Oscar producers said Jimmy Kimmel was the right host because he is so vested in the movie creative community, even though he’s not a “movie guy.” His lines are so sharp, but somehow supportive. Even though he called Matt Damon  a dumbass

Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:46 pm

What a heartfelt use of clips of past Supporting Actor winners. 

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20175:49 pm


Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:51 pm

Mahershala seemed like the popular choice, and is a deserving winner in a category full of great performances. But I feel bad for Michael Shannon, who was off the charts good in Nocturnal Animals. Some movies just catch the zeitgeist; it seemed like Tom Ford’s movie would be that, when it sold in a huge deal a couple of Cannes ago. But Moonlight just built and built momentum in a campaign waged well by A24. Same distributor that saw Brie Larson win Best Actress last year for Room.  

Anita Busch February 26, 20175:55 pm

A24 was able to garner the best opening per screen average of the year at the specialty box office for Moonlight when it opened. No small feat for a relativity new director and a film with no name stars.

Dominic Patten February 26, 20175:57 pm

Kimmel really has the tone and pace of this show in hand

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20175:58 pm

WINNER: MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING – SUICIDE SQUAD (Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini and Christopher Nelson)

Mike Fleming February 26, 20175:59 pm

will this be a big Oscar night for Suicide Squad?

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20176:01 pm


Anita Busch February 26, 20176:03 pm

The Academy loves Colleen Atwood. Fourth win. She won before for Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Alice in Wonderland.

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:05 pm

Documentary Feature is the next category coming up …

Mike Fleming February 26, 20176:08 pm

How do you think the actual OJ Simpson will feel from his prison cell if the docu about him wins, after the FX miniseries on his case won a bunch of Emmys? What kind of welcome will he get once he is sprung? Is he right now rooting for his docu? 

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:10 pm

What a great Oscar moment. Katherine Johnson and she is getting a well-deserved standing ovation. She is 98.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20176:11 pm

WINNER: DOCUMENTARY (FEATURE) – O.J.: MADE IN AMERICA (Ezra Edelman and Caroline Waterlow)

Dominic Patten February 26, 20176:13 pm

O.J.: Made In America took the top docu prize at yesterday’s Indie Spirits too. It debuted in part at Sundance in 2016 – and everyone stayed for the multi-hour screenings

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:13 pm

Class act. Ezra drew attention to Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. It’s about the victims, not the pos murderer. Thank you, Ezra.

Dominic Patten February 26, 20176:14 pm

Kimmel getting meta on his own self described “tasteless” O.J. joke was kinda great

Mike Fleming February 26, 20176:15 pm

Dwayne Johnson is so chiseled, he actually looks like the Oscar trophy, from the head down. the trophy can only wish for pecs, biceps and triceps that large. 

Dominic Patten February 26, 20176:17 pm

Is there an award Dwayne Johnson’s blue velvet jacket can receive?

Dominic Patten February 26, 20176:20 pm

For the first time in years, the Oscars is really moving along at a brisk pace – or so it seems AKA shout out to producers Micheal De Luca and Jennifer Todd 

Dominic Patten February 26, 20176:21 pm

Oscar trivia nugget from Mr. Pete Hammond inside the Dolby – “This was the 16-year-old Moana singing star’s first time performing in front of an audience outside of her school and church choir.”

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:24 pm

This is like the part in Rocky Horror Picture Show when the guy interrupts the show and starts reading from his book.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20176:24 pm

I can’t watch Cheryl Boone Isaacs without being reminded of the time she announced a nominee as “Dick Poop.” 

Dominic Patten February 26, 20176:26 pm

It was sandwiches at the Emmy and now mints at the Oscars – Kimmel’s food gags are becoming a staple it seems

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:27 pm

Sofia Boutella looks like a feather duster.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20176:28 pm


Dominic Patten February 26, 20176:30 pm

“All we need is love” from Sylvain Bellemare is where the political shout outs seem to be 1-hour into what was supposed to be a strident Oscars taking on Trump …maybe they are saving their powder

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20176:30 pm

WINNER: SOUND EDITING – HACKSAW RIDGE (Kevin O’Connell, Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie and Peter Grace)

Mike Fleming February 26, 20176:33 pm

Way to hog the microphone. the oscar producers said they hoped winners would realize their long speeches would hurt later winners. That Hacksaw Ridge guy didn’t even give his colleagues a shot at thanking more people we never heard of. 

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:44 pm

Third time’s the charm for Viola Davis. She previously was nominated for The Help and Doubt–memorable performances still to this day.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20176:45 pm


Mike Fleming February 26, 20176:46 pm

Viola would have won in either Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress category. I feel badly for Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman, Naomie Harris, Octavia. In real supporting actress roles, they conveyed magic in a couple of scenes. I suspect Williams would have won this had Davis not taken this strategic route. How could the academy not have questioned this? Viola’s performance was so towering she probably would have won if she had competed in the Best Director category. In those scenes where she cut Denzel down to size, she made every male feel ashamed of the weakness of the species. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20176:48 pm

Oscar producers showing sensitivity in not sticking to the 45 second clock, with Viola’s touching speech. 

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:49 pm

Yeah, but how could you ever interrupt that?

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:49 pm

There were 7 different winners in 7 different categories and not one was La La Land … yet.

Anita Busch February 26, 20176:56 pm

Yeah, but how could you ever interrupt that? Beautiful acceptance speech.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20176:56 pm

Shirley MacLaine in The Apartment was also the inspiration for the role that Renee Zellweger played in Jerry Maguire. Cameron Crowe told me that in the 20th anniversary look back interview we did on January 2. 

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20176:58 pm


Mike Fleming February 26, 20176:59 pm

Asghar Farhadi isn’t there, but still delivers the best speech of the night. 

Dominic Patten February 26, 20177:00 pm

Trump travel ban rears its head in letter from Asghar Farhadi

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:02 pm

Farhadi’s speech, delivered live at the AMPAS party in London where the film was shown in a defiant gala today, got a standing ovation, per our Joe Utichi. 

scottshilstone February 26, 20177:06 pm

General consensus seems to be Kimmel is killing it as Oscars host:

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:08 pm

Looks like the tour bus gag will be Jimmy Kimmel’s version of the Ellen DeGeneres pizza and group selfie. And things were going so well! Will it be the equivalent of Neil Patrick Harris, ending up in his underwear? 

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:09 pm

SHORT FILM (ANIMATED) –  PIPER (Alan Barillaro and Marc Sondheimer)

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:11 pm

WINNER: ANIMATED FEATURE FILM – ZOOTOPIA (Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Clark Spencer)

Anita Busch February 26, 20177:12 pm

From the minds of Jared Bush and Phil Johnston, in concert with a team of other writers, Disney’s Zootopia was a critical and financial smash this past year, generating over $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Bush also scripted fellow Oscar nominee Moana.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:14 pm

Oscarcast producer Mike De Luca, taking care of  his Fifty Shades of Grey cast with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson presenting. 

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:15 pm

WINNER: PRODUCTION DESIGN – LA LA LAND (Production Design: David Wasco; Set Decoration: Sandy Reynolds-Wasco)

Dominic Patten February 26, 20177:21 pm

This bit with the tour bus riders  is brilliant but totally in tune with what Kimmel does almost every night on his late night show

Anita Busch February 26, 20177:22 pm

Kimmel is doing a very good job this year, since the start of the show. He’s a natural Oscar host. Great pick by Mike De Luca and Jennifer Todd and the Academy.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:24 pm

Kimmel’s bus tour was well played. The guy is keeping this Oscarcast moving. This is usually when it becomes interminably boring. Matt Damon has to get his payback, for serving as Kimmel’s punching bag all night. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:29 pm

Showing a clip package of classic movies, through the prism of foreign audiences that love Hollywood movies, is such a deft touch. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:31 pm

Felicity Jones is one of those performers who turned in great work, but didn’t quite make the cut. Her work in A Monster Calls was so touching. So was Jessica Chastain’s in Miss Sloane, and Michael Keaton in The Founder. 

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:31 pm

WINNER: VISUAL EFFECTS – THE JUNGLE BOOK (Robert Legato, Adam Valdez, Andrew R. Jones and Dan Lemmon)

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:34 pm

Seth Rogen, who campaigned so hard for Sausage Party for Best Animated Film, got his Oscar moment even though his movie didn’t make the cut. 

Anita Busch February 26, 20177:35 pm

Michael J. Fox also got hoots and hollers and applause that would not stop at the UTA rally on Friday. He is so loved.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:37 pm


Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:37 pm

Hacksaw Ridge is now the first repeat winner of the evening. First was for Sound Mixing, and now Film Editing. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:38 pm

Mel Gibson finally gets a shout out after Kimmel has been taking shots all night. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:42 pm

Is Sunny Pawar the most adorable movie kid you’ve ever seen? His performance grounded Lion. He follows the tradition of outsized debut performances, after Jacob Tremblay in Room, and Abraham Attah, for Beasts Of No Nation. Breathtaking work at such young ages.  

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:45 pm


Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:45 pm

From Peter Bart: Two hours into the show the producers should be ecstatic. Even the tour bus stunt worked. I’ve been to twenty Oscar shows and this is among the major winners. The political subtext is vividly clear. So is the entertainment. Please don’t blow it.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:45 pm

WINNER: DOCUMENTARY (SHORT SUBJECT) – The White Helmets (Orlando von Einsiedel and Joanna Natasegara)

Anita Busch February 26, 20177:47 pm

Orlando Von Eisneidel decided to do the film The White Helmets when they saw the news clip of the two-week year old baby who had been stuck for 6 hours in a bombed building and was pulled out of the rubble. The White Helmets, whose average age is 22, are just ordinary Syrians like blacksmiths and tailors who risk their lives to save others.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:48 pm

WINNER: SHORT FILM (LIVE ACTION) – SING (Kristof Deák and Anna Udvardy)

Anita Busch February 26, 20177:48 pm

Orlando Von Eisneidel decided to do the film The White Helmets when they saw the news clip of the two-week year old baby who had been stuck for 6 hours in a bombed building in Syria and was pulled out of the rubble. The White Helmets, whose average age is 22, are just ordinary Syrians like blacksmiths and tailors who risk their lives to save others.

scottshilstone February 26, 20177:51 pm

Jimmy Kimmel live tweets at Donald Trump:

Dominic Patten February 26, 20177:52 pm

Giving away my age but this live tweeting of Donald Trump by Kimmel is like what U2’s Bono used to do to George H. W. Bush back on the Zoo TV tour in 1992 – pre-digital era

Mike Fleming February 26, 20177:57 pm

We probably have less than one hour left. Is it too early to start talking about whether this is the best Oscarcast in the last decade or longer? Dont want to jinx these guys, but maybe the Academy should lock back in De Luca and Todd, and Kimmel. They did this so well, without that much time to prepare. Imagine if they had more time? 

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20177:59 pm


Mike Fleming February 26, 20178:00 pm

Here comes the La La Land onslaught!

scottshilstone February 26, 20178:09 pm

John Legend is just so good in this City of Stars/Audition crossover!

The Oscars GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Mike Fleming February 26, 20178:10 pm

These live blogs are more fun when there are reasons to crap on the Oscarcast. They are making it really hard for us here. Who wants to read a blog that is so sweet it gives you cavities? Bring back Seth MacFarlane!!!

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20178:15 pm


Patrick Hipes February 26, 20178:18 pm

WINNER: MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG) – “CITY OF STARS” from La La Land (Music by Justin Hurwitz; Lyric by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul)

scottshilstone February 26, 20178:22 pm

Always thank mom!
The Oscars GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Mike Fleming February 26, 20178:28 pm

Touching that the In Memoriam segment started with a shout out to Bill Paxton. 

Dominic Patten February 26, 20178:30 pm

The Matt Damon stuff is only getting better

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20178:31 pm


Anita Busch February 26, 20178:32 pm

Manchester by the Sea was a perfect script, wonderfully acted.

Anita Busch February 26, 20178:33 pm

Manchester by the Sea was a perfect script.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20178:34 pm

Matt Damon said that after John Krasinski hatched the idea for Manchester By The Sea, and fleshed it out with Matt, and they brought it to Kenny Lonergan, Matt said he thought he had found something that would prove to Lonergan that moviemaking could be fun. Lonergan didn’t seem that convinced when I spoke to him two weeks ago, but now that he’s got an Oscar, it’s hard to imagine he might complain.  

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20178:34 pm

WINNER: WRITING (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) – MOONLIGHT (Screenplay by Barry Jenkins; Story by Tarell Alvin McCraney)

Mike Fleming February 26, 20178:35 pm

Two great scripts, for the win. The influence of playwrights. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20178:38 pm

This Oscarcast hasn’t really had a lull, which is almost impossible given the Academy requirement to bestow below the line awards. 

Anita Busch February 26, 20178:42 pm

Yeah, the best Awards show I’ve seen in a long while … just keeps going at a quick snap.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20178:42 pm


Anita Busch February 26, 20178:50 pm

Best Director winner Damien Chazelle and now two-time Oscar winner Justin Hurwitz went to Harvard together and worked on the development of La La Land for six years. It was a labor of love.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20178:51 pm


Anita Busch February 26, 20178:52 pm

Casey Affleck so deserves this award. I have never seen a better portrayal of a father whose children were taken from him. The combination of anger and seeing the vacancy in his eyes from deep grief was very moving.

Anita Busch February 26, 20178:53 pm

Casey Affleck so deserves this award. I have never seen a better portrayal of a father whose children were taken from him. The combination of anger and seeing the vacancy in his eyes from never-ending grief hit me hard. I don’t know how but he understood deep loss.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20178:54 pm

The role of the janitor was first going to be played by John Kraskinski, when Matt Damon was directing, and then Matt was going to play it for Lonergan. Both of those guys acknowledge they could not imagine the movie without Affleck’s performance. The role of his life. 

Anita Busch February 26, 20178:55 pm

Casey Affleck so deserves this award. I have never seen a better portrayal of a father whose children were taken from him. The combination of anger and seeing the vacancy in his eyes from deep grief was spot on.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20178:57 pm


Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:00 pm

That moment in La La Land, where Emma Stone is auditioning, pretending she is on the phone, and has a tearful moment, and then someone interrupts behind her, and it’s clear nobody was even paying attention…that felt like a real honest moment that crystallized the demoralizing process of the audition process. That was real acting. 

Anita Busch February 26, 20179:06 pm

It’s one of those Oscar shows that you don’t mind running over. Didn’t feel as long as it actually has been.

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20179:09 pm

WINNER: BEST PICTURE – MOONLIGHT (Adele Romanski, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, Producers)

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:11 pm

Warren Beatty never does anything in a hurry. In a guest column today for Deadline, Harvey Weinstein wrote that it was Beatty who was chosen by Harvey and Jeffrey Katzenberg to decipher whether Miramax or DreamWorks paid more to Oscar advertise, Saving Private Ryan or Shakespeare in Love. Harvey said that if you want to know who spent more, ask Warren. He should be at the post Oscar parties tonight.  

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:12 pm

Well, maybe Warren will have other things to be explaining tonight. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:14 pm

Is this a joke? What a catastrophic ending to an otherwise wonderful Academy Award. The consolation for Jimmy Kimmel is that Matt Damon didn’t win. Talk about a jump shot at the buzzer. This is unfathomable. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:18 pm

Maybe Moonlight won the Electoral College vote while La La Land won the popular vote? This should never have happened. It reminds of the apocryphal rumor that followed Marisa Tomei when she won for My Cousin Vinny, and some said the wrong name was mentioned. you would think this couldn’t actually happen. 

Patrick Hipes February 26, 20179:19 pm

From backstage, a huge gasp when all this was going down.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:22 pm

To watch the producers of La La Land, Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz and Marc Platt pour their hearts out like that, and then have the rug pulled out from under them? This is unforgivable. Whether it was the fault of Price Waterhouse, which counts the vote, or whoever screwed this up, some heads are going to have to roll here. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:24 pm

This was Hollywood’s opportunity to create empathy for immigration and tolerence and transgender rights, all at the expense of Donald Trump. And it all blew up in the face of the Hollywood establishment. I imagine Trump will start Tweeting, now. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:26 pm

This has never happened in the Oscars; the nearest I can remember would be the Super Bowl collapse that happened when the Seattle Seahawks were yards away from the winning TD and chose to pass instead of run for the sure touchdown. Instead, they passed, the Patriots picked off the ball. Game over. I don’t think the Oscar producers should wear the goat horns here, or Kimmel. They did a smashing good job, but it has been obscured by this cluster F. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:42 pm

It looked like Warren Beatty could see that something was amiss; he should have asked Kimmel for help, perhaps, but instead showed the card to Faye Dunaway, who announced the movie. We’ll update in our coverage when we have a better idea how something like this could happen. It turned the best Oscar in a decade into an utter disaster.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:44 pm

That La La Land producer, I think it was Jordan Horowitz, who halted the acceptance speeches to acknowledge Moonlight’s win, deserves props for grace under extreme pressure. A lot of people on the circuit loved Moonlight, and they’ve all done the rubber chicken circuit together and there is mutual respect and admiration. You could see just about all the Best Actor nominees tear up as Casey Affleck won his prize. But this should never, ever happen.  

Anita Busch February 26, 20179:48 pm

People are saying it was Matt Damon’s fault.

Mike Fleming February 26, 20179:59 pm

I assume you meant that Matt Damon thing in levity, but there is nothing funny about what happened last night. I’ve been covering this business for almost 3 decades and have never seen anything as embarrassing as what I just watched on the Oscarcast. They almost nailed it, and now it will be remembered as the biggest Oscarcast embarrassment since the late Alan Carr trotted out Rob Lowe and Snow White, or when Seth MacFarlane sang to actresses about seeing their boobs in movies. Honestly. What a cluster F. 

Mike Fleming February 26, 201710:16 pm

Hollywood must be feeling like it is reliving that moment when Donald Trump was elected president. When Hillary Clinton seemed about to capture the White House, only to have defeat snatched from the jaws of victory at the last moment. Here, the industry, through the speeches of winners, sent pointed messages about immigration and tolerance, only to see the whole effort undermined at the last moment. Breathtaking.