UPDATE with full list of winners: Lionsgate’s La La Land was named the Best Film at the 70th annual BAFTA Awards in London, capping a night in which it won a leading five awards and further cemented its frontrunner status at the Oscars two weeks from now. Damian Chazelle was named Best Director and Emma Stone won Leading Actress to pace the pic, which also snagged wins for Justin Hurwitz’s original score and Linus Sandgren’s cinematography.

Press Room - 2017 EE British Academy Film Awards, London, United Kingdom - 12 Feb 2017

Amazon/Roadside Attractions’ Manchester By The Sea and The Weinstein Company’s Lion were the only two other films to win more than once in the ceremony at Royal Albert Hall. As expected, Manchester‘s Casey Affleck took the Leading Actor trophy, while Kenneth Lonergan won for Original Screenplay. Lion took wins for Luke Davies’ Adapted Screenplay and Supporting Actor for Dev Patel, the latter a mild upset (though Patel is beloved in the UK) over Moonlight‘s Mahershala Ali.

It was not to be the night for A24’s Moonlight, probably the Oscars’ second favorite right now, which was shut out here despite four noms. It was even less satisfying for Focus Features’ Nocturnal Animals, which failed to win despite nine nominations. That had tied it with Arrival just behind La La Land‘s leading 11 noms going into the night.

Ken Loach’s Cannes winner I, Daniel Blake had five noms, and he finally won his first-ever BAFTA with the night’s first award, for Outstanding British Film.

We live blogged the show. Check out below for how it all went down:

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:46 am

Welcome to BAFTA – we’re in the media room at the Royal Albert Hall, the red carpet show just finished, and now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have just taken their seats. They’ve got quite good tickets, it seems.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201710:47 am

Indeed, front row for the stage in the round in the ritzy new venue…

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:47 am

And Stephen Fry has emerged for his intro. “I’m not really here. I’m going to be here, but I’m not really here now.” He’s creating a 360-degree “thing” to send out to the audience. It’s a false entrance.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:48 am

There is, indeed, a 360-degree camera on stage. They’ll have to move it for the show proper, hence the act.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201710:48 am

He’s back for a real “fake begining of the show”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201710:49 am

wait, that was a fake-out too. what’s going on?

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:49 am

Nancy’s already confused. It’s a good start.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201710:49 am

It’s the round stage…

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:50 am

This is the show’s first year returning to the Albert Hall after several at the Royal Opera House. There are more seats in the audience, though they’ve had to work around Cirque du Soleil, who have a show in at the moment.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:51 am

Perhaps they’ll drop from the ceiling to hand out awards?

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:51 am

BAFTA Chair Jane Lush steps out for a quick pre-show speech.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201710:51 am

Eventual winners have just been told not to run long in their speeches — and informed there is a clock. They’ve been asked, “please don’t mention the clock, but please do take notice”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:53 am

Rush is talking about BAFTA’s initiatives to redress the balance on diversity.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:55 am

OK it looks like we’re moments away from the show start proper.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:57 am

It’s the traditional awards show montage-of-movies to kick us off, though BAFTA played it smart – they’re using it to encourage the audience to silence their cellphones.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201710:58 am

Nancy and I are playing “guess the movie” – clips include Taken, Phonebooth, Scream. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201710:59 am

Some Like It Hot, ET and Bill And Ted’s Excellent Advenure. Not sure what the montage was really about, though — the evolution of phones in the movies???

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:00 am

Cirque du Soliel come out for an intro performance. 

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:01 am

The phone montage was also an ad for title sponsor EE. Good brand synergy.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:01 am

(EE is a mobile phone network in the UK)

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:01 am

I missed the branding – hmmm

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:03 am

Cirque du Soleil is going on a bit now. They’ve just had an ooh from a rapt audience, though.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:03 am

Meryl Streep looked beside herself.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:03 am

Stephen Fry emerges from the Cirque du Soleil scrum for his real, real intro

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:03 am

Fry. “I can’t tell you how long we had to rehearse that. Dance is my life. I haven’t been surrounded by so many thrillingly lithe bodies since last night.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:04 am

He introduces movie-montage 2 – of this year’s movies: “As my old grandmother used to say, ‘Cop a load of this, bitches.'”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:07 am

Fry: “We’re delighted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are here. Particularly the Duchess, because she’s here to support her husband, who after watching an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? is recovering from the devastating news that he’s related to Danny Dyer.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:07 am

“I look down on the most over-rated people on the planet…” says Fry

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:08 am

Fry on I, Daniel Blake: “Ken Loach could have chosen to capture the glitz, glamour and fun, fun fun of the British benefits system, but he chose to go another way.”

Patrick Hipes February 12, 201711:08 am

The Royals (not the E! ones):


Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:09 am

Fry: “We arrived for planning permission to sit two huge stars next to each other, and they gave it to us. The greatest Grant since Eddy, Cary and Student, Hugh Grant, and one of the greatest actresses of all time, only a blithering idiot could think otherwise, Meryl Streep”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:10 am

Fry on Moonlight: “This brutal yet tender gem of a film left me strangely unsettled and I couldn’t tell you why. I didn’t know whether to blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the good times, or blame it on the boogie.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:10 am

Fry: “Casey Affleck is, without doubt, one of the greatest actors in his family.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:11 am

The target of Fry’s annual kiss from an audience member (recently with folks like Leo DiCaprio) this year is Meryl Streep, who if she were British “would be a Dame five times over,” Fry says. Streep needs no cajoling, leaps out of her seat to give him a big smooch

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:11 am

Fry: “Andrew Garfield stars in Hacksaw Ridge. It received unanimously rave reviews with one exception: America’s NRA didn’t like it one bit.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:12 am

Fry cracking on with the awards:  “Let’s find out who the Russians have decided has won”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:12 am

Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman come out to present Outstanding British Film.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:14 am

A jury votes on the winner of this prize

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:15 am


Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:15 am

This was expected in this category – there is much local love for Ken Loach’s film. And Ken has never been shy of getting political. Let’s see how this goes…

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:16 am

Loach: “Thank you to the Academy for endorsing the truth of what this film says, that hundreds of thousands in this country know. The most vulnerable people are treated by this government with a callous brutality that is disgraceful. It’s a brutality that extends to keeping out refugee children we promised to help, and that’s a disgrace too.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:17 am

Loach: “It’s a bit early for a political speech, I’m sorry.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:17 am

Loach: “Filmmakers know which side they’re on, and despite the glitz and the glamor of occasions like this, we’re with the people. Thanks for this.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:18 am

The EE Rising Star Award now, the only award voted on by the public. Viola Davis comes out now to present.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:20 am

Loach won the Academy Fellowship in 2006, but has never taken a major competitive Bafta before

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:21 am


Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:22 am

Holland made his Marvel debut as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War this year. It doesn’t get much more rising than that.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:23 am

Back in the day, Holland was cast as Billy Elliot in the West End musical version, and his feature debut was Bayona’s The Impossible. He thanked two people who helped him with those roles.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:24 am

Holliday Granger and Russell Tovey emerge to present Make-up & Hair.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:24 am

Holland thanks BAFTA and the British public “because it’s hard voting online, believe me I know.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:25 am


Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:25 am

They get a hug from Meryl as they come through to the stage.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:26 am

That’s the first award tonight for Stephen Frears’ film which has 4 nominations

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:26 am

They thank Streep: “You keep coming up with interesting characters that are just so fun to put together.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:26 am

Original Music is next.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:27 am


Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:27 am

So that’s the first of 11 potentials going La La’s way.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:29 am

We move onto Costume Design. Sophie Turner and George Mackay present.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:31 am

This award could be a test of La La’s potential sweep, as general membership voters who vote in round two often go for period or fantasy threads.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:31 am


Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:31 am

And, indeed, they go with the period stylings of Jackie.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:32 am

Hurwitz thanks the Academy, “Or Russia,” he quips, following Fry from earlier. “Either way, it’s an honor.” He praises the experience of making LA LA, “From the beginning were were under one roof which is a cool experience for a composer in general but to see it under the masterful direction of Damien was something I will never forget.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:32 am

Fontaine: “This movie belongs to history and is so much embedded in our collective memory. I hope to be up to the challenge, and here I am reassured and fulfilled.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:32 am

She says Portman brought “life and grace” to the costumes.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:32 am

Sound is next.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:33 am

WINNER: SOUND – ARRIVAL Claude La Haye, Bernard Gariépy Strobl, Sylvain Bellemare

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:34 am

Second prize in a row, not to go to La La…

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:35 am

So does this mean BAFTA voters are going to spread the love all evening? Let’s keep watching. Because that’s what we’re here for. And we’ll get in trouble if we don’t.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:35 am

The team credit Johan Johanson, Amy Adams and Denis Villeneuve.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:36 am

Onto British Short Animation, presented Carmen Ejogo and Rupert Evans

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:37 am

There’s a French accent to this event. The Arrival team also tells Villeneuve in French “We love you deeply” and switches into English for , “Your joy and cinematic vision opens time for us.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:37 am

WINNER: BRITISH SHORT ANIMATION – A LOVE STORY Khaled Gad, Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara, Elena Ruscombe-King

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:38 am

We’re several awards in and nary a mention of Donald Trump, nor Brexit – even from Loach.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:38 am

Villeneuve told me last night he’s got a cold; hopefully he’s feeling better now…

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:40 am

Onto British Short Film.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:41 am

WINNER: BRITISH SHORT FILM – HOME Shpat Deda, Afolabi Kuti, Daniel Mulloy, Scott O’Donnell

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:41 am

Re Trump & Brexit, it’s actually Russia getting the most (negative) shoutouts

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:43 am

Just as we say that, the Short Film winners mention the refugee crisis and allude to American policy decisions.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:44 am

Ella Purnell and Noel Clarke come out to present Editing.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:45 am


Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:45 am

And the first no-show of the evening, as Gilbert couldn’t attend.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:45 am

Onto Production Design.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:46 am

Short Film winners: “Many people here are from migrant families… and all being British our heart is love, our soul is compassion and I think that we need that to be reflected within our government and policy in relation to how they deal with other countries… Not racism, homophobia or Islamophobia”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:46 am


Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:46 am

Camera cut to Streep duing that speech who nodded in agreement

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:47 am

Harry Potter didn’t get much BAFTA love, until the production got the Outstanding Contribution, but Craig previously won for Goblet of Fire, and there’s much love for the homegrown production of these epics. Indeed, I imagine plenty of Potter alums are now BAFTA members.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:48 am

It’s Documentary next, presented by Julia Stiles and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:49 am

I must say, the deep-v dress is the big fashion statement this year: julia stiles, nicole kidman and more

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:50 am


Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:50 am

DuVernay is shooting right now and has missed most of these awards shows lately. So too tonight.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:53 am

“She’s heartbroken not to be here,” says Lisa Nishimura. “The US has more people in prison today than any other country in the world. America represents 5% of the global population but we have 25% of the prison population. It matters that you in the UK have taken an interest in this issue. We really have to ask ourselves how we label people criminal and think about how we treat people different from ourselves. We’re in a world where walls are bing built and borders are being closed, so these questions are more important than ever. But I’m filled with hope that through incredible work we can celebrate differences and see that as people far more connects us than divides us.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:55 am

Last year’s Oscar winner Son Of Saul is in this category tonight and so is this year’s frontrunner Toni Erdmann, a quirk of release schedules

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:56 am

French movies Mustang and Dheepan are also in the category — a quirk of the Oscar selection process

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:56 am


Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:56 am

It took a year, but BAFTA got to honor Son Of Saul

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:57 am

A reaction shot of Pedro Almodovar as Nemes and Sipos came to stage, did he look a bit upset to anyone else?

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:57 am

Saul director Laszlo Nemes thanks the usual suspects and local distrib Curzon.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:57 am

Adapted Screenplay comes next, presented by Stanley Tucci and Emily Blunt

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201711:58 am

Nemes told me last night at the nominees event that it was strange to be back in the awards race a full year later . Saul bowed in Cannes in 2015

Joe Utichi February 12, 201711:59 am

Moonlight is an Original by BAFTA’s reckoning, so it appears there. On the American Academy’s list, it’s in Adapted. The play it’s based on was never produced, hence the confusion.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:00 pm


Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:00 pm

BAFTA is really spreading the love tonight.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:01 pm

A reaction shot on a very pleased Harvey Weinstein in the audience. Davies thanks the actors: “Sunny Pawar, a 5-year old non-professional actor who carries this entire film’s first half. And Dev Patel, a professional actor, who takes the film and makes it his own in the second half.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:02 pm

Davies: “This is for Garth Davis, our beloved director. He turned it into the beautiful film about love and inclusivity that it is.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:02 pm

Supporting Actress is next.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:03 pm

Hugh Grant presents. Says Fry: “He’s the actor who gets all the parts Vin Diesel and Duane Johnson turn down.” Grant deadpans: “So kind.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:05 pm

Grant says he always felt an affinity with actresses, because he used to play women’s roles in plays at his all-boy school.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:06 pm


Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:07 pm

So Davis gets Fences’ only nomination through to win.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:08 pm

She thanks the other actresses in her category and talks about her father, who was a janitor. “When he took his last breath, one of the most devastating things that went through my mind was, did his life matter? August answers that question brilliantly, because he said our lives mattered as African-Americans. The people who grew up under the heavy boot of Jim Crow. The people who did not make it into the history books, but they had a story and those stories deserved to be told, because they lived.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:09 pm

She thanks Wilson, and, it seems, everyone involved in Fences. 

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:09 pm

Animated Film is up next.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:10 pm

Bryce Dallas Howard and Riz Ahmed come out to present.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:12 pm


Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:12 pm

The Disney films dominate in the US, but Laika’s Kubo wins here – unusual for this category at BAFTA, which often goes for the biggest movie of the year here.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:14 pm

Special Visual Effects up next, Daisy Ridley and Luke Evans present.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:15 pm

Cirque du Soleil come back for VFX, dropping from the ceiling with the envelope. So I was nearly right.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:16 pm

WINNER: SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS – THE JUNGLE BOOK Robert Legato, Dan Lemmon, Andrew R. Jones, Adam Valdez

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:17 pm

We’re nine awards from the end, and no film has won two prizes yet. This is a big surprise.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:17 pm

Kubo’s Travis Knight “did not see this coming.” He calls the film “a labor of love that tried to get to a distillation of childhood.” He quotes Zhang Yimou saying “every boy wants a great train set or to make a martial arts movie. I never had a train set to I made a movie that I hope showcases the power of family and emotion, love and empathy”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:19 pm

Fry notes that BAFTA is 70 years old.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:20 pm

Outstanding Debut is next, another jury vote. Jamie Dornan and Rafe Spall present.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:21 pm

Dornan’s Fifty Shades Darker had a great weekend at the international box office, btw, with just over $100M

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:23 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING DEBUT BY A BRITISH WRITER, DIRECTOR OR PRODUCER – UNDER THE SHADOW Babak Anvari (Writer/Director), Emily Leo, Oliver Roskill, Lucan Toh (Producers)

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:24 pm

Anvari, a Brit who was born in Iran but has spent a great deal of his young life here is very nervous in his thanks – his speech shaking in his hand

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:25 pm

Anvari’s movie was also the British submission for the Best Foreign Language Oscar

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:25 pm

Supporting Actor comes next, presented by Felicity Jones.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:27 pm


Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:28 pm

That’s the first double win of the night with Lion now taking two prizes

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:28 pm

A big surprise here, with Mahershala Ali the frontrunner Stateside. But loads of love for Patel in the UK, who is known for local film and tv roles.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:28 pm

You hear those cheers in the press room, Joe?

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:28 pm

He broke through on the Brit TV show Skins.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:29 pm

Oh yes. Patel has always been a press favorite – a genuine dude. That counts for a lot.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:30 pm

That’s a big win for Lion, a film Harvey Weinstein has tirelessly championed throughout this season

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:30 pm

Obits are next, with last year’s BBC Young Musician winner playing along live.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:31 pm

Patel says he’s overwhelmed and calls Lion “A film about love that transcends borders and race” and thanks his team “who had the insane task of getting this noodle with floppy hair and a lazy eye to work in this industry.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:34 pm

The names on the montage: Gene Wilder, Garry Marshall, Sue Gibson, Kenny Baker, Tony Dyson, Peter Shaffer, Paul Cowan, Michael White, Ken Adam, Guy Hamilton, Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher (with a pic of the two in between), Abbas Kiarostami, Jim Clark, Simon Relph, Douglas Slocombe, Anton Yelchin, Robin Hardy, David Rose, Curtis Hanson, Clare Wise, Om Puri, Alec McCowan, Emmanuelle Riva, Andrzej Wajda, Michael Cimino, Tony Gibbs, John Hurt.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:35 pm

Isabelle Huppert comes to present Outstanding Contribution to Curzon Cinemas. She’s not nominated tonight for Elle, which has yet to release in the UK.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:36 pm

Hupert: “When I won a BAFTA for Best Newcomer in 1978 I really had no idea I’d be back so soon”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:36 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION Curzon Cinemas (previously announced)

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:37 pm

Curzon opened in 1934, says a clip. It became world-renowned for bringing foreign language film to British audiences. Artificial Eye is Curzon’s distribution company, and they’ve won 16 BAFTAs.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:38 pm

Talking of how Curzon has supported foreign film, Huppert says, “We will always need the United Kingdom, whatever happens.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:39 pm

Curzon CEO Philip Knatchbull coms to collect.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:40 pm

Knatchbull: “This award is for everyone who works at Curzon. All 280 of us are winners tonight. It means more to us than you’ll ever know. And it’s the directors who make us who we are.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:42 pm

Knatchbull notes that Brexit might risk Curzon’s ability to get the necessary support to release their films.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:42 pm

Original Screenplay comes now, with Thandie Newton presenting.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:45 pm


Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:45 pm

First prize for Manchester

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:46 pm

So far nothing for Moonlight – is this a shutout? BAFTA didn’t nominate Barry Jenkins in director. But then Best Film is still to come…

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:47 pm

BAFTA is really spreading the love

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:47 pm

Lonergan: “A screenwriter is in a unique position because a screenwriter alone knows the unique thrill of having an actor become a character you’ve only imagined. My cast is amongst the finest I’ve ever seen in the film. If I may, single out Casey for one of the most brilliant performances I’ve ever seen.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:48 pm

Lonergan: “Wherever in the world you find loss and sorry, you find love and strength as well. The morning after the election, my daughter woke up in tears and didn’t want to go to school. My wife said, ‘You should go, there may be people you can help.’ She turned 15 and has been to five protest demonstrations since.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:48 pm

Now Cinematography with Kelly Macdonald and Ewan Bremner presenting.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:49 pm

Bremner is fresh in from the Berlin Film Festival where T2 had a premiere on Friday

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:50 pm


Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:51 pm

So that’s La La’s second, tying only Lion thus far.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:53 pm

Leading Actor is next. Presented by Penelope Cruz.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:54 pm

The first of the Big Four awards now. Does Affleck have this in the bag?

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:54 pm

Sandgren says, “This was a film that was made with an exceptional amount of craftmanship… I want to thank Damien for your romantic heart”

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:54 pm

There’s local love for Andrew Garfield, and after Dev Patel’s win, he’s a possibility.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:54 pm

In what may be a first for BAFTA, he also thanked his crane operator. Nice touch

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:55 pm

Andrew was the only Lead Actor nominee who went to the cocktail last night, right?

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:56 pm

It’s possible, but then I had quite a few of the cocktails so I can’t be sure.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:56 pm


Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:58 pm

Affleck: “The room looks very different from here. My heart is beating, it’s an exciting moment. Heightened emotion is so often celebrated, I think because it’s the hardest to understand. The reason I act is because when I was a young kid, my mother would take me to Al-Anon meetings for the children of alcoholics and the kids there would try to reenact the people they were affected by. It was therapy but it was acting, and that’s why I got into it. If you were wondering, that’s why I act.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:59 pm

Two now a piece for Manchester, La La and Lion

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 201712:59 pm

Did Casey thank Ben?

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:59 pm

Now it’s director, presented by Mark Rylance.

Joe Utichi February 12, 201712:59 pm

Don’t think so Nancy, but Casey’s his own person too, you know…

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:00 pm

I do, but Ben got a lot of talk show mileage out of NOT being in Casey’s Globes speech…

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:00 pm

Little brothers… Always rebelling. 

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:03 pm


Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:03 pm

That means a complete shutout for the nine-time nominated Nocturnal Animals.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:05 pm

Leading Actress next. Eddie Redmayne is presenting, in an excellent white tux. It’s this year’s trend. Noel Clarke and Andrew Garfield too. See? I can do fashion.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:05 pm

Chazelle gives a special shoutout to his “friend, former roomate and collaborator Justin Hurwitz for inspiring me and all of us with the most beautiful music.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:06 pm

You are a sartorial savant, J

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:06 pm

I’m rocking midnight blue tonight. I’m so off-trend.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:07 pm

ahem, look to your left. what color am i wearing?

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:07 pm

You too, then.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:08 pm


Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:08 pm

La La’s fourth – it’s charging ahead of the pack right at the end.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:08 pm

Stone: “At the risk of sounding a little redundant, one of the greatest parts of tonight is sitting with the people that made this film. We became such a family.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:10 pm

Stone: “This was one of the greatest working experiences of my life. It was such a joy. I don’t know if you realise but right now this country, and the US and the rest of the world seems to be going through a bit of a time. In a time that’s so divisive I think it’s special we were able to come together tonight to celebrate the positive gift of creativity and how it can transcend borders and help people feel less alone.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:10 pm

OK last award, Best Film. Presented by Noomi Rapace and Tom Hiddleston.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:11 pm

So no big surprise as Best Film presenter then? Previously we’ve had Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone to name a couple

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:14 pm

WINNER: BEST FILM – LA LA LAND Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, Marc Platt

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:15 pm

So five for La La Land, and nothing for Oscar’s next favorite, Moonlight. Even the safest bet, Mahershala Ali for Supporting, went elsewhere.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:17 pm

The final prize will be the BAFTA Fellowship, awarded to Mel Brooks. Prince William is presenting.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:18 pm

Says the Duke of Cambridge: “BAFTA has sadly run out of actors, therefore I’ve been roped in.” He’s the president of BAFTA, so who else should present the highest honor BAFTA can bestow?

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:18 pm

Simon Pegg and Nathan Lane come out to wax lyrical about Brooks.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:18 pm

Pegg: “It’s a great honor to talk about a comic genius.” Lane: “Oh gosh, Simon, that’s so kind of you.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:18 pm

La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz says artists and creators have a responsibility “to create work that inspires joy and hope and empathy”

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:19 pm

Lane: “Legend, icon, and something you might not have heard, Jewish. Very, very Jewish.” Pegg: “you think you know someone.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:19 pm

Pegg: “He has raised flatulence to an artform. This is the man that gave us singing, dancing Nazis. Scorsese doesn’t even do that.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:20 pm

Lane: “He’s got a thing about Hitler.” Pegg: “Who doesn’t right? That’s the thing about Hitler… they never tell you about the good stuff.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:21 pm

Pegg and Lane note The Producers won more Tonys than Hamilton. Lane: “Oh, sorry, Hamilton.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:21 pm

La La’s Horowitz got a good laugh in by flubbing, “and challenges people to drink… uh, dream bigger and bolder in technicolor.” The Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed that

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:22 pm

Pegg: “Now that Mel has reached the grand old age of 2000, and I’m sure we can agree he doesn’t look a day over 500, BAFTA are honoring him with the fellowship.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:22 pm

The 237th montage of the night goes to Mel Brooks’ extraordinary career.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:24 pm

This montage is making me realize how few Mel Brooks movies I’ve seen. I really have to catch up. It’s very funny.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:24 pm

This may be the 237th montage, but it’s well worth it!

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:24 pm

Standing ovation for Mel Brooks

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:24 pm

Mel Brooks gets the mask from Prince William, looking about three feet shorter.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:25 pm

Quips Brooks: “I thought I was taller.”

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:25 pm

Great minds think alike.

Joe Utichi February 12, 20171:26 pm

WINNER: BAFTA FELLOWSHIP – Mel Brooks (previously announced)

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:30 pm

Brooks starts out by thanking Harvey Weinstein, “for having nothing to do with this award.” Cue to a chortling Harvey in the audience who sat rapt for all of Brooks’ speech…

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:30 pm

Brooks then apologizes to the British for the American Revolution, “We were young.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:33 pm

folks,” he says, “Having an American here is very moving” especially as it’s been given to “people like Hitchcock and Olivier, Pressburger and Powell.” Brooks called it a “singular and august honor” and added, “This is one of the awards you won’t see on eBay.

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:33 pm

On his way to the UK, Brooks said he forgot to bring his passport to the airport, “Because I don’t think of England as a foreign country. I think of it like a vast Brooklyn that just speaks better.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 12, 20171:38 pm

And that’s a wrap from the Royal Albert Hall as winners sit for the class photo and with La La Land twirling away with six wins during a night that nevertheless spread a fair bit of love — and left some folks empty-handed.