Sports advertisers who’ve been befuddled by the opportunities Time Warner offers at the various sports ventures it has taken on over the last few years will finally have a one-stop shop to do business.

The entertainment company today unveiled Turner Ignite Sports, which will “deliver enhanced value and solutions directly to brands, mitigating the waste of working across multiple properties and agencies,” Turner Sports EVP  of Sales and Property Sponsorships Will Funk says in a blog post.

The announcement, made at the International CES consumer electronics show taking place this week in Las Vegas, will include opportunities that Turner controls including March Madness, the College World Series, Bleacher Report and ELeague.

In addition, it can tie sponsors to about 1,000 live events such as March Madness Music Festivals, March Madness Fan Festivals, Bleacher Ball, CES Sports Business Innovation, and TNT Road Show.

Turner Ignite Sports also will team with Turner Studios’ talent to develop long and short form sales pitches to what it calls “the company’s diverse genres and fan groups,” They include CNN’s Courageous, Team Coco Digital Studio, and Adult Swim.

And, as is de rigueur for ad sales as viewers increasingly watch on digital devices, Turner will offer buyers lots of audience data and analysis to help them determine where to place their messages and how to craft them.

“We believe in creating powerful, long-term marketing partnerships rather than being confined by transactional relationships that stop and go because a sport’s season, event or show ends,” Funk says. “Brands have a huge opportunity to be ‘always on,’ in a genuine, contextually relevant way that adds value to the consumer experience and generates greater results for their business.”