TLC’s Long Lost Family will return for a second season set to premiere Sunday, February 12 at 9:00 PM, the network announced today during its TCA presentation. The show features stories of people separated by decades who want to be reconnected with their lost families. The upcoming season will follow people haunted by the disappearance of their parents, siblings who have never met, and parents who want to know what happened to children they reluctantly parted with years earlier.

TLC also announced today that a spinoff series, Long Lost Family: What Happened Next, will premiere on the network January 15th at 10/9 central. The show picks up after the televised reunions, tracking developments in the most talked-about stories from the first season.

TLC also announced it is teaming up with Ancestry as a partner on the next season of Long Lost Family. The show is produced by Shed Media (part of the unscripted/alternative television department at Warner Bros.) for TLC. It derives from the format entitled Find My Family/Spoorloos, devised by KRO-NCRV and distributed by Lineup Industries.