UPDATE, 12:40 PM: The Bachelor has set a Live+3 ratings record for its January 9 telecast. The show topped the playback lift for last week’s premiere in adults 18-49 (+0.6), growing by 0.8 ratings points this week to score its largest-ever bump for a regular telecast. The Bachelor was up 12% over its year-ago telecast for a second week running in adults 18-49 (over a 2.6 on January 11). The show was up week-to-week by a tenth in L+3 with a 2.9 in adults 18-49.

PREVIOUS, 8:17 AM: NBC’s breakout drama This Is Us set a ratings record in adults 18-49 in Live + Same Day for its January 10 telecast, and has followed that up with a new series high in Live+3.

Last Tuesday’s episode has grown from a 3.02 L+SD  to an L+3 rating of 4.64, up 54%, according to Nielsen Media Research. That breaks the show’s previous L+3 record of a 4.49 set with its prior original on December 6. The latest L+3 rating does not yet include VOD viewership normally counted in L+3 stats, and it is expected to increase when that is added.

The gains of +1.62 in 18-49 rating and 4.253 million viewers overall are the biggest L+3 lifts of the night on the Big 4 networks, according to NBC.