Netflix’s The Crown took the top TV Drama award tonight at the Golden Globes, right after a big win in the acting categories. The 10-episode Peter Morgan created series about the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was considered a favorite in the category despite some heavy competition including a fellow Netflix series that also debuted last year. This came immediately after Claire Foy won the Best Actress TV Series – Drama award for her turn as the still sitting Queen, a role she described as “tricky” in an understatement.

“I’m called a creator on this and that’s a bogus title,” said Morgan accepting the award, thanking Netflix execs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos and others for their work and support of the Sony Pictures Television produced show. Director and EP Stephen Daldry told the crowd at the Beverly Hills Hilton that working on The Crown was “one of the happiest experiences of our professional careers.”

Stranger Things, Emmy winner Game Of Thrones, fellow HBOer Westworld, and NBC’s This Is Us were also nominated for Best TV Series Drama at the 74th annual Golden Globes. Mr. Robot was the winner last year in the category but didn’t even garner a nomination this time round.

The November 4 debuting The Crown also saw two-timer past Globes winner John Lithgow nominated for Best TV Supporting Actor as Winston Churchill. Hugh Laurie won the award for his The Night Manager performance.

With decades still to go in Elizabeth II’s reign, the steaming service has unsurprisingly confirmed The Crown will back for a second season –likely covering the years 1957 to 1964. In fact, Morgan has said he envisions the pricey series running for up to six seasons to bring it up to the present day of the complicated royal family in world that has changed in so many ways since Elizabeth took the throne in the early 1950s.