History’s new series Six follows members of Navy SEAL Team Six, whose mission to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan goes awry when they uncover a U.S. citizen working with terrorists. Inspired by real missions, the series captures the inside world of America’s elite Special Forces unit – from personal lives to combat and their life-or-death decisions.

At today’s TCA panel, creator/EP David Broyles said the show provides a different perspective on the Navy SEAL narrative. “We’ve seen SEAL shows, movies” that have the combat side, he said, but “we haven’t seen what happens when they come home.” He continued, “a lot of the show is about that tension [between] those two families – the SEAL families and their own families.”

Broyles said that the series, which stars Walton Goggins, Barry Sloane and Kyle Schmid, among others, is “also about the cost of war.” A veteran himself, Broyles spoke of the price of war and the “terror of combat.”

“One of the things that we set out with the show, at least from a SEAL perspective,” he said, “was that these guys are often portrayed as superheroes. What I found was that they are real people that actually have fears and make mistakes and yet they do this incredible job under challenging circumstances. To me, that’s what makes them heroic. We really wanted to humanize the show and humanize them as real people.”

Creator/EP William Broyles added, “these guys go out with no notice” and “don’t know when they’re coming back or if they’re coming back. They do it over and over and over again. Between being a warrior on the front lines” and taking the “kids to dance class and being a good husband, that’s where the show lies.”

Six, an eight-episode contemporary military action drama from A+E Studios and The Weinstein Company, debuts January 18 on History channel.