Seth Oster, who many in town will remember from his stints at the MPAA and SAG, has been hired as Global Head of Corporate Communications at UTA. He will start Monday and replaces Chris Day, who exited the post late last year. Oster is a well-respected communications specialist, a veteran actually, who left Hollywood to work in the Obama administration and then world-renown accounting firm KPMG.


He now returns to Los Angeles for the UTA job, responsible for the agency’s worldwide strategic corporate communications, public affairs and media relations. Lisa Stein, who has long worked at UTA, will report to him, and he will report to agency CEO Jeremy Zimmer. Oster will work with all of the agency’s senior management which includes managing directors David Kramer and Jay Sures.

Oster has experience both in the public and private sector. He most recently led communications and marketing efforts at Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc. Before that, he was managing director and chief communications officer at KPMG in New York, and prior to that, he worked as a public affairs exec at the EPA.

However, it was in Los Angeles and California that Oster really honed his craft. He was a key communications exec at the MPAA, SAG and Napster. He was also a senior communications aide to U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA). So he has developed a keen understanding of the political, entertainment and financial sectors.

“UTA is a thriving company that needs strong communications strategies, both internally and externally, and Seth’s acumen and experience are well suited for that mission. As we continue to grow and diversify globally it is critical that our colleagues, clients and the broader business community understand the many ways we can serve their needs,” said Zimmer. “Seth’s extensive background in the creative community, government and corporate America will help us to accomplish that, and much more.”