Updated 4:57 pm with Trump response That didn’t take long. President-elect Donald Trump has re-joined the SNL fray, swiping at both NBC News and Saturday Night Live. “Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!”

Previous Donald Trump has yet to weigh in on Alec Baldwin’s latest – and innuendo-filled – Saturday Night Live sketch, but his incoming press secretary has. Sean Spicer told Fox News today that the NBC comedy is “inappropriate,” “not funny” and “a left-wing hit piece.” (See the video below).

Appearing on Howard Kurtz’ MediaBuzz program to discuss the president-elect’s recent skirmishes with CNN and BuzzFeed, Spicer was asked how he felt about last night’s SNL, with Baldwin making joke after joke about those rumors spelled out in BuzzFeed. Needless to say, Spicer isn’t a fan.

Saturday Night Live used to be funny,” Spicer told Kurtz, expressing a lament that’s been around since about 1976. He added, “It used to be funny and entertaining and light-hearted.” Now, he said, it’s “just bad.”

“I think for a lot of people, regardless of your political persuasion, that’s not what you’re tuning in for,” Spicer said of the show’s political barbs.

Trump himself famously lambasted the show, tweeting in October that Baldwin “stinks.”

Here’s Spicer’s take, coming about 9:22 into the interview.