“Whatever they did to me made me totally indestructible — but my movie still can’t get a #$&@! Oscar nom?!” OK, that’s not really how Ryan Reynolds reacted today after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences completely overlooked his blockbuster Deadpool. No, he was slightly more tempered with his Twitter post:

Our guess is it’s a tickle fight that ends with a) impaling, b) decapitation, c) dual swords to the noggin, or d) all of the above. Fill in your Scantrons accordingly.

20th Century Fox

Deadpool snared $783M million worldwide but managed to go 0-for-24 in today’s Oscar noms announcement –despite possibly being tipped for its (very) Original Screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. And how about Cinematography, for those lovely shots of multiple evisceration? Or perhaps Reynolds himself for Best Actor Whose Mouth Is Sewn Shut? Oh well, I guess actor and character will have to be happy with the double wins at the MTV Movie Awards last year. After all, that was a helluva brawl between Deadpool and Ajax.

And really, Academy, isn’t it time for a Best Foul Language Feature Oscar category?