EXCLUSIVE: Pinewood Atlanta has recently played host to such major studio titles as Passengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming. But the facility is also looking to attract indie filmmakers. This afternoon (January 20), and in partnership with the Georgia Film Academy, it will host an event aimed at indie filmmaking talent at the Sundance Film Festival. Frank Patterson, who recently took up the role of President Pinewood Atlanta Studios, will chair the presentation and networking event in partnership with the GFA’s Jeffrey Stepakoff.

Film industry growth in Georgia is projected to generate between 3000 and 5000 new jobs in the next three-to-five years. With that in mind, Pinewood Atlanta says it’s keen to affirm its commitment to attracting independent creative filmmaking talent to its studio complex which boasts 18 purpose-built sound stages and provides a full-service offer for the production of films, TV programming, music and video games — and access to fiscal incentives from the state.

Launched in 2015, the GFA sets up sites all around the state in order to support Georgia’s film and television production business. Its first industry site is at Pinewood Atlanta Studios where it provides indie filmmakers with the opportunity to tap into certified below-the-line interns and enhanced production resources.

Recent indie films to shoot at Pinewood Atlanta include William H Macy’s Krystal, receiving support from both the GFA and Pinewood. Macy says Pinewood Atlanta “rivals anything in LA.” On Krystal, it “chipped in a camera and lighting package gratis and offered us all sorts of help. The GFA gave us a bunch of interns who worked on the film, and they were fantastic. A lot of these little films can’t be made without this tax incentive from this state. That’s one third of the financing.”

Over 600 students have completed GFA course one, 212 of them have interned on 21 different film and television productions, including The Walking Dead, Spider-Man, MacGyver, Krystal, Step Sisters, Day Time Divas and Adult Swim – Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.

Pinewood Atlanta’s newest division, PPSG (Pinewood Production Services Georgia), offers support and solutions to productions of all budget levels, and showcases the services of its local vendor partners. PPSG is overseen by Eoin Egan, SVP Pinewood International and Kevin Bar, VP Pinewood International.