There’s no love lost between Alec Baldwin and the President-Elect he’s been mocking on SNL since before the 2016 Presidential election that delivered Donald Trump’s surprise electoral college victory. Baldwin has of course continued to portray Trump on Saturday Night Live even after the election. And Trump has of course continued to critique the portrayal harshly, almost like it bothers him a lot even though he says it doesn’t. That’s not to say Trump is thin-skinned of course, but making fun of him does tend to get a reaction. Which is why people continue to do it.

Like Alec Baldwin, who is probably going to make another appearance on SNL when the show returns January 14, a week before the Inauguration. So it is that, perhaps to get back into the mood, he posted a new selfie to his Instagram yesterday, in which he wears one of Trump’s signature Make America Great Again (#MAGA) hats but with the text in Russian instead of English. The hats sell for thirty bucks at the Gorky Park website.

Baldwin is of course referencing the purported role Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence services played in the email hackings of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, and subsequent dissemination of hacked emails via Wikileaks. Multiple U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies have concluded Russia was – essentially – behind the hack in an attempt to influence the election and assist a Trump victory. Trump, who openly asked Russia and Wikileaks to hack the Clinton campaign during the election, has denied any Russian involvement and has publicly called into question the integrity of said U.S. intelligence services.

Ironically, Trump has been too busy dismissing the accusations against Russia to let Baldin’s Instagram post get under his skin. We’ll see if he remains as chill when SNL returns.