Just a few hours after broadcast networks and cable news nets broadcast Donald Trump’s primetime special in which he reveals the winner of Extreme Makeover: SCOTUS Edition, Jon Stewart will stop by Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on CBS.


Colbert’s off to a good start as Late Show returned to originals Monday night, for the first time since his Trump post-inauguration show. He finish first in the 56 metered overnight markets Monday night, with a commanding 2.4 rating, topping NBC’s The Tonight Show (1.9) and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (1.7). He tied Fallon in the demo.

“You ever regret going on vacation?” Colbert joked at the top of Monday’s broadcast. “You got to give the guy credit. He can really get a lot of stuff undone…He’s already moved the country back to 2004. If this keeps up, pretty soon I’m going to launch The Colbert Report.”

Last time Stewart joined Colbert on Late Show, it was the live election-eve episode, and Stewart appeared – dressed in sponge bag trousers, morning jacket, waistcoat, red tie, top hat, and spats, and apparently in character as Mayor of Candytown, because he had toffee in his pants – to perform a production number espousing the importance of voting on Election Day – and not for Trump. That went well: