NBC Tonight Show star Jimmy Fallon said this year’s Golden Globe Awards will be more about “full-on glitz, glamor, fun” than, say, the years Ricky Gervais hosted the annual awards ceremony. “We’re in a really fun business; we’re so lucky to be in this entertainment business and this should be entertainment; it should be a party,” Fallon told Matt Lauer in a Golden Globes walk-up interview that aired this morning on NBC’s Today.

Lauer asked if Fallon, who was dinged during the presidential election because he did not grill GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump while mussing his hair during a Tonight visit, if he’d have the stomach to open the broadcast making jokes at the expense of the people in the ballroom – a Globes tradition – knowing he’d want to book same people for Tonight.

“Yeah, I little, there’s a little buzz to that; I like that,” Fallon insisted stoutly. “So if I make fun of blahblahblah…..”

Lauer cut him off, insisting he name names. “Who are you really going to go after?” Lauer pressed.

“That’s classified. Only me and Russian hackers know who I’m going to hit,” Fallon deflected.

“I’m not so extreme, where you don’t know what [I’m] going to do,” Fallon said of his style. “You’ve seen my show, you’ve seen my monologues. I hit everybody equally,” but “in a more fun way.” That’s in marked contrast to Gervais’ scorched-earth approach to hosting the Globes, or even the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler years.

Will he target Trump for laughs in his opening monologue, Lauer finally asked Fallon.

“I heard Trump will be live-tweeting during the show, so that’s very exciting — #unfunny,” Fallon quipped. “If everyone is still talking about it, sure,” he said, which is a safe bet given the Globes airs less than two weeks before Trump is sworn into office.  But, Fallon announced, his opening will not be “heavily political.”

“None of my stuff is that political. There’s other ways to be creative with that.”