“It’s like a soapy delicious psycho-sexual comedy set in an art town,” Jill Soloway says of her upcoming Amazon Studio series I Love Dick. “No one makes psycho-sexual comedies,” the award-winning Transparent creator added. “Not in Texas” chimed in cast member Griffin Dunne of the show, which launches May 12.

The pair, at the Robert Redford-founded festival for a preview premiere of the first three episodes of I Love Dick later today, were joined in the discussion at the Deadline Studio at Sundance 2017 presented by Applegate by longtime Soloway collaborator Kathryn Hahn and Kevin Bacon, who is the “Dick” of the title and the show.

“We use the word ‘Dick’  as code for patriarchy,” Soloway notes of the deeper intention of the series based on Chris Kraus’ 1997 novel. (Watch the full interview above, especially a certain audition and table read story from House Of Lies alum Dunne.)

The pilot for I Love Dick debuted on Amazon last fall with the announcement of a full season following soon afterwards.

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Actors, directors, filmmakers and special guests visiting the Deadline Studio at Sundance 2017 enjoyed sweet and savory treats, custom cocktails and more at Applegate’s REEL FOOD CAFE. Find out more about Applegate and their mission to change the meat we eat at www.applegate.com.