“I was actually quite surprised at how the politics of the show shot to the surface post election. Everything that we had put in seemed to be bubbling under the surface prior to the direction that the country took on that day.” said executive producer/writer John Wirth onstage at TCA on the influence of the current political climate.

Hap And Leonard Season 2

He added, “when people look at [the show], that’s going to hit them, the politics of the show is going to seep in. We actually have a chance to say something which is sometimes unusual in our business.” Agreeing with Wirth’s sentiments, actress Tiffany Mack added , “the political nuance became that much more important.”  Though it is set in the late 1980s, it is completely relevant to the zeitgeist.”

Season 2 is based on Landale’s 1994 book Mucho Mojo, the second in the Hap and Leonard series. It revolves around the death of Leonard Pine’s Uncle Chester who happens to live next to a crack house. Under the floorboards of his uncle’s house the two discover the skeleton of an infant wrapped in child pornography. Leonard refuses to believe his uncle could be involved so he enlists the help of Hap to solve the murder and clear his uncle.

EP/writer Jim Mickle said fans can expect a shift to more comedy in the new season. “What we loved about the books is that it is shifty, it’s an anthology of genres… Season 2 is a different season, different setting, different characters. [Comedy] worked really well in season one and I think it was good to up that.”

Hap and Leonard will premiere Wednesday, March 15 on SundanceTV.

Watch a trailer for Season 2 below: