TruTV’s Talk Show the Game Show host Guy Branum is clearly not a fan of today’s selection of talk shows. “Publicists have ruined talk shows. They’re boring, they are lifeless, you know what’s going to happen,” he said during the cable channel’s all-in network presentation at TCA.

“Everything that happens on a talk show has been scripted to the point where it’s lifeless and you see people go through the many many talk shows that we have and it’s the exact same thing every single time… I was to see a little magic”

On his show, celebrity guests become contestants and compete in various talk show-inspired challenges and are judged and awarded points for their performances.

“I think people are searching for on how to bring life back to talk shows. That’s why everybody loves carpool karaoke. and “why everyone loved the games on Jimmy Fallon before they got super produced,” He said. “What we are going is taking advantage of the fact that this is TruTV and try to create a space for people are legitimately good at this.”

Branum added: “I feel like there those moments in classic old school talk shows where you felt like you were at a cocktail party with a really cool people. The existing talk shows have attempted to grasp at that with bells and whistles and trying to do it with even more bells and whistles.”

Talk Show the Game Show premieres April 5 on TruTV.