Two and a-half years after FXX’s launch, John Landgraf said that the comedy-focused network has “exceeded expectations” while calling it “still work in progress.”

Back in August, Landgraf signaled a programming shift for the younger-skewing network, now in 85 million homes — with an emphasis on animation. FXX already has The Simpsons library and, starting with next season, FX hit Archer, which is migrating to FXX. There are no current half-hour animated pilots in the hopper at FX Networks, but the goal is to launch a new FXX animated series behind Season 9 of Archer in 2018, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf told Deadline. (The animated veteran has a three-season pickup through Season 10.)

Spearheading FX’s push in animation is Kate Lambert, recently named SVP Series Development and Animation. It includes both half-hour and shortform animated programs.

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In 2015, FXX took in the late-night Animation Domination High-Def block, which had originally run on Fox. It launched on the cable network with new episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and Stone Quackers. 

No fresh episodes of the ADHD series are being produced but “we have access to the ADHD library, some of these shows may air on FXX over time, and it’s possible we may commission subsequent cycles of one or more of these shows, a number of them were quite good,” Landgraf said.

FXX short-form animation programs are still being eyed for late-night. But “we haven’t declared yet when we are going to launch it, and we are not sure what we are going to call it, probably we won’t call it ADHD,” Landgraf said.

FXX plans to do not only the standard animated shorts of quarter-hour or 11 minutes but also 7- 3- and even 1-minute videos.

“I think by doing short-form animation. we will add another dimension to the channel, which is still pretty young-skewing,” Landgraf said. “Television is being consumed onamany more screens, and I’d like FXX to follow young consumers in their short-form consumption habits.”

Additionally, “I think there is an incredible base of talent in the animation community, it’s really diverse,” Landgraf said. “There is a lot of voices that have no outlet, and I’m wildly excited about the talent pool and just finding voices that are fresh and unfamiliar to me and haven’t worked on U.S. television in some cases.”

In addition to the ramped-up animated efforts, FXX, which carries FX Network’s flagship comedy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, also will continue adding live-action fare. FX Network usually does not decide whether a live-action comedy project would be for FX or FXX until after the pilot. The determination is made largely based on what audience the project appeals to, with the younger-leaning shows channeled to FXX.